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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by colindeane 10 / 10


I made an IMDb account just so I can rate this movie! No really, I did.

I thought it was brilliant, very dynamic! All the nuances and layers are there, also the animation is on point! Highly recommend this film. After seeing it on the list for months I final watched it, you should too!

Reviewed by dan-2754 9 / 10

Criticizing This Film for Using Archetypes is Short-Sighted

I was quite taken with '9', a movie I saw without reading the reviews here (which is not the usual sequence of things for me). I'm glad I didn't read the reviews this time, though, because too many of them seemed to me to be off point.

This is quite a didactic film with a decided moral and spiritual flavor from the opening scene to the beautifully crafted ending. It uses archetypes and plot lines that are more or less predictable and common. But it combines those elements with -- as most of the reviewers here have agreed -- wonderful visuals to create a sweeping story that is at least wonderful and borders on the magnificent. I was enchanted with the rag-doll characters from very early on and frankly don't get it when reviewers here say they couldn't identify with these touchingly and endearingly humanoid creatures. So much more empathetic than, say, Wall-E, of which it is only vaguely reminiscent.

The spiritual message in this movie is deeply interwoven and -- perhaps because it resonates with my own spiritual path -- I found it quite well done and sufficiently subtle that remarks to the contrary here seemed to me to derive more from disagreement with the spiritual philosophy than with its presence as a major component of the story.

I highly recommend this movie. It is entertaining and enlightening. The only thing that kept it from earning a very-hard-to-garner 10 from me was the overuse of violence in the late-middle portion when the denouement should be closer to the surface.

Reviewed by tnt80808 7 / 10

A true great, if it had just chosen an audience!

First things first. DO NOT SHOW THIS MOVIE TO VERY YOUNG CHILDREN!! This is a very dark and often scary animation. I would recommend it as an 8 years and up movie, minimum!

And this is also this movies biggest problem. It just didn't pick a target market. It is neither cuddly enough for kids or smart enough for adults. Many reviewers have said how they were confused by the plot or that there didn't seem to be a reason for anything??? I found the opposite, this movie is very straight-forward, a little too so maybe. It is a simple tale of good versus evil in a post apocalyptic, alternative earth. (I fear the suits holding the money may have had something to do with the "dumbing down" of the story however and not the writers).

All this being said, it is beautiful to look at, with some fantastic set pieces and atmosphere and despite it's simple story, it is a sweet tale. The voice acting is solid (special mention goes to John C Riley for his ever-so-sweet portrayal of "5") and the action scenes are tense and well thought out. As I said earlier, the monsters in this really are quite creepy, even by grown-up standards, add to that the post-war setting and occasional images of (albeit CG) dead bodies/death and this really puts this movie out of the young kids film bracket.

"9" could have been so much more. In my opinion, it would have worked better as a grown-up animation with a slightly meatier script and the peril ramped up a little. As it is, it sits somewhat uncomfortably in limbo between kids and grown-ups, fully satisfying neither. Now, your thinking, "he gave this 7/10 and all he has done is complain!" well, it is a good movie and I did enjoy it a lot. It is haunting, thought provoking and beautifully animated and would have scored a 10/10 if it had just been written more towards older viewers.

A fantastic idea, lovingly animated. could have been a classic if it had just been a little braver in the writing phase.

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