A Promise


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 24%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 3778


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Rebecca Hall as Lotte Hoffmeister
Richard Madden as Friedrich Zeitz
Alan Rickman as Karl Hoffmeister
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Andres-Camara 6 / 10

A love story, pretty well taken

I did not expect to see a movie that looked like the movie of the year and it's not what I've seen, but at least I've seen a movie that is well taken. You know from the first moment that the most important thing in the film is the reaction between them and that they end up together, of course, but at least it goes step by step.

Rebecca is great, makes a role, for my taste, incredible. It was a long time since I saw an actress who showed me that I was truly in love and with her, I've seen it. Richard is not up to it, but hey, it's not bad. Alan, of course, is fine, but that's not saying anything new.

It has a great atmosphere, it seems that you are fully involved in that era. It is appreciated that makeup, costumes and art work so well.

I can not say the same about the address. While it is true that the film tells the tempo level, does not bore, is giving the amounts in parts, but then at the time of the staging, is not able to make a nice plane or move characters from a Pretty shape and give life to a plane.

Photography is beautiful in parts. The interiors are pretty good, but the exteriors, the photography is a bit too white. It's not pretty The final stretch is too long, that also has to be said.

Reviewed by Julesecosse 7 / 10

A must for Jane Austen fans

Tis a classic story of forbidden love told throughout the ages from ancient Greece up to the present day.

I enjoyed it as much as it goes, with excellent performances from the cast. I would have liked to have seen more of the young theatre talent Shannon Tarbet, who plays the initial girlfriend of the protagonist.

I thought that to update it for the modern audience an odd plot twist would have been good, especially for the men who might find this story somewhat ponderous.

A must for those who like Jane Austen, male viewers may fall asleep!

Reviewed by Nina Berry 8 / 10

In a nutshell

Perfect costuming and set decor. Alan Rickman is splendid and Rebecca Hall has won me over. But. The camera-work is negatively strange and distracting at times. The sudden zoom ins and (tragically trendy) shaky cam, not my cup of tea. I wish my remote control had a stabilizer button.

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