African Cats


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Reviewed by Python Hyena 9 / 10

They Forgot the Leopard.

African Cats (2011): Dir: Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey / Narrator: Samuel L. Jackson: Breathtaking scenes of Africa and the survival of several species including two families of cats. One problem seems to be with the title in that there doesn't seem to be any footage of the other African cat, the leopard. It rounds off the three big cat species normally studied in Africa but it is never so much as mentioned in this documentary. Nonetheless, that doesn't prevent this film from being entertaining and adventurous in its own right. We have a pride of lions led by Fang whose tooth is hanging from a previous battle. We are given the sense that his time as leader is nearing an end. On the other side of the crocodile infested river are four male lions bent on taking over. They are led by Kali and he and his sons failed one potential takeover thanks to the lionesses but they will return in greater numbers. Layla is an aged lioness who was injured when kicked by a zebra. She hopes that her sister will adopt her cub Mara so that she may die in peace. Sita is a cheetah mother with five cubs although during one scary night hyenas make off with two of them. She must raise her three remaining cubs as well as fend off male cheetahs as well as their worst enemy, lions. Again, no sign or mention of leopards and that is an alarming case given the subject matter. Directed by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey with Samuel L. Jackson providing the narration, the film is entertaining with plenty of suspense as two different species of female cats struggle to raise their cubs in the harsh reality of the African plains. Score: 9 / 10

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

compelling animal stories

Disney is going the docudrama route. Layla is the oldest lioness raising her cub Mara with Fang the leader of the River Pride. They are protected by the crocodile infested river from the pride to the north ruled by Kali and his four sons. Also Sita the cheetah is raising her five small cubs.

Samuel L. Jackson is narrating the American version. Quite frankly, he's trying too hard to dramatize what is already very dramatic. The footage and the writing is plenty good enough. I miss the British voice narration which usually gives these nature documentaries the needed gravitas. The score is another problem. It's again overly dramatic. It keeps overshadowing what are very compelling animal stories.

Reviewed by sinful-2 2 / 10

Amazing - Good or bad?

well I have to admit that there is is some nice visuals in the movie. so if you just go for pretty pictures it is a great movie for you.

What I was amazed about what the educational level of this movie. If I should rank it It would be like this: BBC documentaries the King of the animal world filled with information. After that Discovery/Animal planet where you get very little information in about 45 minutes I would guess. This Movie In 90 minutes you get so insultingly little knowledge that I would be ashamed to show it to a 8 year old kid for gaining any knowledge at all.

This movie focus on predators and do not show the killing or how they feed. It does not even explain anything about how lion pride works, how they feed, how they really hunt.

Had I paid to see this I would have been furious. So find a BBC or even Discovery show instead if you want a bit of knowledge.

If you want pictures of nice cuddly teddy animals without getting disturbed by lifes cruel realities then this is the show for you.

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