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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 89735


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Will Smith as Genie / Mariner
Alan Tudyk as Iago
Nasim Pedrad as Dalia
Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kshaharudin 3 / 10

Sadly, it met my expectations

What's to say. Before even filming we knew Guy Ritchie was obviously the wrong choice to direct the film. His style doesn't quite lend itself to this type of film. Miscast Mena Massoud didn't bring any real character to the role of Aladdin he was simply okay/ functional. Will Smith is as usual charismatic and had difficult shoes to fill after Robin Williams' take on the genie but he was seriously let down by the VFX in blue genie mode and a weak script. Another miscast Naomi Scott gave a good performance but I always felt i was looking at Indian and not Middle Eastern. In fact the film IS very bollywood with the Jasmin, Aladdin dance off Indian Style (and to Indian music) then Russian dancing(?) plus other times an Indian soundtrack. And i'm not even going to talk about that sorry excuse for a villain. No, no i am not. For a Disney movie set in large Kingdom it sure does feel quite quite small. It looked cheap too. Weird. Ultimately a dreadfully executed cash grab of a movie that no one asked for. Thanks D. Thankfully this is exactly what i expected having seen the trailers.

Reviewed by renerichter 2 / 10

Disney sadly misses the mark... again.

Like many of the Disney live action adaptations, this film utterly fails to understand what made the original so great to begin with. Moments of character growth or interaction feel rushed and are changed up from the original, yet the outcome in the story still illogically remains the same. Some of the additional scenes around new characters simply feel laughable and out of place. The additional song written for this film heavily clashes with the musical style of the existing ones and the instrumental accompaniment of the songs in general sounds too modern and not like a classical musical anymore. The humor in this movie is very hit and miss. Some lines and moments are indeed extremely enjoyable, while most others seem too forced. The VFX in this film are not entirely up to task and will undoubtedly look dated in a few years time. Most importantly, the overall spectacle feels much less impactful than the original's. Overall, there would be much more to go into. But this should be enough in summary.

Reviewed by haydeetebelin 1 / 10

Very bad movie

Lousy movie. History is very poorly written and clich├ęd, stereotyped characters and no charisma, anachronistic behaviors. They did not look like they lived in the Middle East.

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