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Sylvester Stallone as Robert Rath
Julianne Moore as Electra
Antonio Banderas as Miguel Bain
Kelly Rowan as Jennifer, Electra's Neighbor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by videorama-759-859391 8 / 10

Assassins on the sly

This is a fresh smart action paced thriller, Stallone,again perfect for this sort of role, despite another unjustly Razzie nomination. Kind of familiarizing us here in familiar as to his job, in 94's The Specialist, a year earlier, exact in it's Adelaide release date, this is the sort of actor we wanna see in this pic, of a wearied assassin, who we see at the start, walk his latest hit into the swamps, where he lets his objective do the honors of blowing himself away. Cut to later, where another assassin, an insanely crazed Banderas, steals Sly thunder, taking out his hits, where this is not making him a happy. Sly happens to fall for his next hit, Electra, throwing more complication into the job, with that nut job Banderas after him. This film puts an inventive new twist on the assassin tale, pitting assassin against assassin, which I really. To this day, Bandera's performance here as a creepy, and completely dangerous and unpredictable psychopath/stays with me. Moore again is great,as the female love interest. But, when is she isn't great. This is one of those smarter action movies, with it's quota, from a director who knows how to make hits, the film you'll see a few of. It's the intelligence of this film I really like. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Spikeopath 5 / 10

Check Mate?

Sly Stallone stars as an ageing assassin who gets embroiled in a cat and mouse game with a younger assassin who wants to be number one of the trade. Teaming up with a computer hacker, Stallone battles not only his pursuer but also an event from his past that troubles him so.

With Antonio Banderas and Julianne Moore in starry support, Richard Donner in the director's chair and the Wachowski brothers on writing duties, Assassins held the promise of a top line actioner. Sadly that promise is not met.

There's clear signs of the makers trying to make something more deep and cerebral, what ultimately transpires is a overly complicated - and way over long - picture. Punctured with great action scenes, none more so than an outrageous taxi ride that John Woo would be proud of, it's in the middle section where pic drags itself into needless slumber. By this mid-point, one has had enough of Banderas, who comes off more like a deranged excitable kid than someone to be feared. Donner really falters there, but conversely he gets an interestingly engaging tune out of Stallone. Moore is very good, and gets some good dialogue to spout, which is a rarity, though, since much of the chatter is mumbled or said in such agitated or broody manner that the sound mix strains for aural clarification.

It's not a stinker, and in its own way it's a diverting time waster, but too many holes and too many poor production desicions leave it knocking at the averageville door. 5/10

Reviewed by taijiquan12 5 / 10

Early Entry from The Wachowskis Has Its Moments, But Doesn't Age Well

Assassins is one of the numerous 90's action films featuring a very important disc with highly sensitive information that sets off a string of action, lots of shootouts, and technology and computer scenes that viewed now are quite amusing.

I would give it a 5.5 if I was able, as the Stallone/Banderas thriller has it's moments, and the promise of what was to come from The Wachowskis a few short years later is visible, but apparently the script was meddled with by a third writer and studio influence, and maybe that explains some of the odd character choices and plot holes.

The idea of rival assassins has potential, and the movie does predict things like the use of texting (even if it's done over laptop) and wiring money over the internet. Where it goes wrong is in the details of what exactly the disc that Julianne Moore's character even has on it, and maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but the movie should've done a better job of making me care and presenting the idea more clearly. However I don't really think I was supposed to think about that when I watched it.

Stallone is fine as the hit-man Robert Rath, but the character would've worked better with an older, less musclebound actor. Stallone now, even would be fine, but the character is written like a tired old vet, and Stallone is clearly still in excellent shape here. Banderas is way over-the-top, chewing scenery, and even though the point is that he's supposed to be less patient, it's hard to buy someone this reckless would be the number 2 assassin in the world. Julianne Moore is an amazing actress, yet they cast her in a part that plays like a female anime character (considering The Wachowskis, maybe this was on purpose). If she were played by a younger actress, her character would make sense, or if they had changed her character to cater to Julianne Moore's talent, and to be less of a voyeuristic weirdo who literally spray paints people (in one of the heavy handed political moments in the movie, there are a few). I don't even totally disagree with the views presented, but these scenes have literally nothing to do with the story and take away from your engagement.

Overall, with better, more sensible characters and some clean-up work on the writing, Assassins could've been an action classic, there's still some decent shootouts and set-moments, but as it stands, it's just decent. Again, there's better work, concepts, and ideas from every single person in this production.

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