Assassins Run


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 1398


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Christian Slater as Michael Mason
Cole Hauser as Roman
Angus Macfadyen as Richard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 1 / 10

Geniunly Terrible Movie

I've seen a lot of bad films, heck I've seen a lot of bad Christian Slater films, but this could very well be his very worst

But he's not in it for that long of duration of the movie, neither are Cole Hauser or Angus McFayden

No this is primarily Sofya Skya's vehicle, both as the director (alongside someone else) and as the main star, and I think maybe she wasn't experience to handle both at the same time or something cause it didn't turn out very good (to put it mildly)

They tried to relaunch this movie under Assassins Run with a flashy poster with Cole Hauser and Christian Slater fatigued up armed to the teeth, but that does not represent this movie whatsoever neither of them even hold as much as a gun in this movie, so that's just them trying to sell this as a tough action movie when in reality it's really pretty darn boring

The best part of the movie is the credits where they play a nice little acoustic ballad, color my surprise when I read the song credits and that was a song sung by Sofya Skya as well!

I'm sitting here thinking should I give it a 1 or a 2 but there was nothing good about it (except for the song in the credits which doesn't count) so yeah I'm just gonna give it a 1

Reviewed by alanjayd 6 / 10

Better than rated

I thought this movie was a soldier war/action story based on the picture on Netflix. I ordered it Just out of curiosity because I wanted to see what Christian Slater was doing these days. I last liked him in True Romance but haven't seen him do anything, remotely as good, since. The Netflix promo cover picture Run/70270735?trkid=5966279 must be for a different movie, altogether. The original title, White Swan, was more appropriate and Christian Slater has only a small role in the first quarter of the movie. Obviously, the promo materials, title and DVD release were designed to draw in action fans and try to get a bigger audience for this film which is more of a psychological suspense thriller mixed with some cool but unrealistic martial arts. The real star of the film is Sofya Skya, a slender actress with a beautiful face who plays a ballet dancer, Maya, who's life is turned upside down but the Russian mafia, which is out destroy her husband's fortune and find some bearer bonds worth half a billion dollars. Christian Slater overacts with little sincerity but he's out of the picture early. The last three quarters of the movie are much better than the first. If you get past the initial part without shutting it down, you are rewarded with a passable suspense, mystery, kidnapping, revenge, martial arts stew of a film that's worth a 6 rating, not the 4.2 average on IMDb. The assassin in the film, is creepily played by a mostly silent Russian actor and the ultimate villain is fairly obvious but the film just shuts down at the end, leaving the revenge to the imagination.

Reviewed by DanyChrys Barosoft 10 / 10

Very Good Movie

Indeed it is clear that it is a low budget movie but the story film is very good, maybe it is a little exaggerated Chapter drama, but the director manages to combine very nice drama leaving room for intrigue with action very subtle. The main role is also played very well and is surprisingly well knows how to fight a simple ballerina. Leaving aside the struggle with learning techniques, I can say that it would be possible for a dancer to learn some fighting techniques soon pretty good considering the complexity of the movements they perform in training - in short worth seeing. I personally I gave it 10 for originality and not only ...

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