Bad Milo


Action / Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 6682

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Peter Stormare as Highsmith
Gillian Jacobs as Sarah
Stephen Root as Roger
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Delightfully offbeat and often uproarious horror comedy

Stressed out milquetoast office worker Duncan (an excellent and engaging performance by Ken Marino) discovers that he has an angry little beast named Milo living in his intestines who occasionally comes out of his rear end to kill anyone who causes Duncan to feel either mad or upset.

Director/co-writer Jacob Vaughan relates the enjoyably off-the-wall story at a zippy pace, maintains a likeable quirky tone throughout, gets lots of laughs from the hysterical sense of no-holds-barred outrageous humor, and even manages a few tender and touching moments amid all the jaw-dropping lunacy. The adorably grotesque Milo serves as a strong metaphor for the potentially toxic and destructive consequences wrought by letting one's deeply repressed id and subconscious run amuck as well as the need to face your emotional and psychological demons head on in order to make peace with said demons. Moreover, it's acted with aplomb by an enthusiastic cast: Gillian Jacobs as Duncan's sweet and concerned wife Jillian, Peter Stormare as flaky therapist Highsmith, Mary Kay Place as Duncan's loopy mother Beatrice, and Patrick Warburton as jerky boss Phil. An absolute hoot.

Reviewed by ICMooVees 1 / 10

How can this have been made

It's hard to believe that a writer presented a script for this to a Hollywood movie team and received a green light to move forward with casting and shooting. And yet, here it is, in all of it's glory, a big pile of crapola. It was so bad that i just had to watch it to it's end to take in the full load of it's unbelievably asinine (no pun intended)story then sit back and wonder how junk like this actually got funded and scripted. Well, maybe they will approve and shoot a sequel because there has been worse, no too much worse, but there is some to be found..Catwoman maybe? I dunno but this is junk..

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10

Slight gross-out comedy with a familiar theme

BAD MILO! is a one-note comedy about an ordinary office worker who is perplexed to discover that a polyp inside his colon turns out to be a mischievous demon living inside his bowel. The demon subsequently pops out from time to time to commit gruesome murder, while his host has to figure out what to do about the situation without losing his mind.

If this set-up sounds familiar, it's because the whole thing is copied lock, stock, and barrel from Stephen King's DREAMCATCHER, which they did a movie adaptation of back in the day. However, this film goes for the comedy horror approach and turns out to be not very funny at all. The jokes are obvious and begin to get repetitive after a while, and the gross-out scenes are pretty awful. The two things this has going for it are Peter Stormare in support and some decent animation used to bring the demon puppet to life.

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