Basic Instinct


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 52%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
IMDb Rating 7 10 166217


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Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell
Michael Douglas as Detective Nick Curran
Jeanne Tripplehorn as Dr. Beth Garner
Wayne Knight as John Correli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by preppy-3 10 / 10

Over the top erotic thriller

A man is viciously stabbed to death with an ice pick while having sex--by the way, that's the opening scene! Det. Nick Curran (Michael Douglas) and his partner (George Dzundzu) get involved with the case and its prime suspect--Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). Then the story kicks into high gear with many twists and turns...

One of the most talked about films of 1992. This movie REALLY pushed the R rating to its limits (a sex scene and killing were cut by a few seconds) and started controversy over supposedly being homophobic. I'll deal with that right away--I'm a openly gay man and proud of it. I found nothing homophobic about this film back in 1992 and I still don't. SPOILER!!!! Yes Stone's character is bisexual and she is a killer. Yes, her lesbian lover dies. But does anyone realize that Stone is the most likable character in the movie and that Douglas and Dzundzu are foul-mouthed jerks? Also Stones sexual inclination is never a specific plot point--she just happens to be bi--it's treated casually. And it's just a movie! I have many other gay friends who saw it and have no problem with it either. SPOILER END!!!!

The plot is intricate with many turns you don't see coming--I had to see the film THREE times to figure it out completely. Here are a few random thoughts about this:

It has a great score by Jerry Goldsmith. Starts right out with a sex murder wasting no time! There's absolutely stunning cinematography by Jan de Bont. Well-directed by Paul Verhoeven. I love Stone's look when she heard about the first murder. The constant references to Hitchcock's "Vertigo" were numerous-check out Stone's outfits. Dorothy Malone pops up in a small part. The interrogation scene with Stone is just superb--and look close when she crosses her legs! The sex sequence between Douglas and Stone is VERY explicit. Douglas should think twice about ever doing a nude scene again (there were giggles when I saw it in a theatre).

Acting is great too. Douglas has played this part before and he's WAY too old but he pulls it off. He is very convincingly loosing it at the end when things start unraveling. Stone is just incredible as Tramell--sexy, frightening, just unbelievable. Her best performance so far. Jeanne Tripplehorn (in her first movie) lends strength in a strong supporting role. Not all of the cast likes this film. Stone has said it's a stupid film and Douglas still won't talk to Verhoeven or Stone and Tripplehorn won't talk about it at all. Also Joe Esztherhaus script is twisty but the dialogue is pretty laughable--it seems dumbed down so everybody will understand it.

Still this is a sexy, violent, strong thriller--one of the best ever done. Try to see the unrated version. Avoid (at all costs) the TV version.

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 10 / 10

Love it.

I really like Paul Verhoeven films, love Sharon Stone and have thought Basic Instinct to be a wonderful film since first seeing it on general release. So that's three things I don't have in common with most people and to make matters worse (or better) it is probably the film I have watched more often than any other (Don't Look Now might give it a good run). And the crazy thing is, of course, that it is a thriller with lots of suspense and 'who did that?' moments all the time, so how can it be watched many times? The answer is, that this is so well done that you can't help getting caught wondering and double guessing or simply not caring and just enjoying the fabulous visual, the fantastic score (not the only echo of Vertigo (there's one more I watch fairly frequently - how strange) and Sharon Stone. Verhoeven does not shy away from sex scenes, actually he must love them to direct them with such care and attention to details. Clearly Stone shares some of that passion and together star and director produce some red hot stuff here. There are also scary car chase scenes, gory kills, moments of amusement, a real sense of mystery - hairs on the back of the neck style and just a sheer love of cinema oozing from those lush and carefully chosen set-ups. Love it.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 7 / 10

A great thriller with a great idea

A very wealthy, sexy but devious woman is accused of murdering a former partner and the case is being handled by a detective with a troubled past and an insecure present. He becomes attracted to her but as the time pasts, more and more people with connections to her get killed without a clear reason. As the story progresses, the detective is thrown away from side to side, not knowing who to blame or what to believe. He'll have to face his own problems first in order to get to the bottom of the mystery and this will prove to be a big challenge for him.

It's a thrilling movie which throws the viewer into the middle of a puzzling killing spree, with an apparently clear murderer which nobody seems capable of convicting. Although it has very good actors and very good story, it evolves slowly and apparently without any direction, maintaining a slow pace for about half of the movie. Its finale is also unexpected and leaves room for controversy but also for a sequel which, in this case, is actually a good thing. It indeed contributes to the mystery but I would have preferred a bit more pace. Despite that, it is a very good movie overall.

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