Bisbee '17


Documentary / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 95%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
IMDb Rating 6.6 10 507

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dneher 6 / 10

Many unanswered questions

I would have preferred a little less re-enactment and a little more history. What were the fates of the deportees? Did any deportees return? How many persons were indicted? How many indictments led to trials, and how many trials led to convictions? The interviews with present-day townspeople are interesting, though.

Reviewed by jackdog1-1 3 / 10

Interesting Topic, Bad Presentation

The film makers took an interesting historical incident and in an effort to add "drama" or something ended up with a boring series of meandering shots that left me actually asking the television if we could please get on with the story. It opens with a long shot of a guy standing alone in front of an empty school building first asking some guy to keep everyone quiet and out of the shot, then stands there doing and saying nothing for what seems like forever and the rest proceeds at the same snails pace. When they got to some weird side story about Tombstone, AZ and how they're "Second Amendment City" I finally gave up. Apparently it is possible to make someone stop caring about a story simply through bad self-indulgent film making. Just read the Wikipedia article and you'll get the gist without all the "Indie Film" foolishness.

Reviewed by rae-18810 3 / 10

Writers forgot something!

It was alluded to in the movie, but was ultimately not portrayed. What happened to the deportees? Look it up and you will find out that some deportees MADE money from their deportation. There was a class action lawsuit with such substantial settlements that some bought ranches, started businesses, etc. Just wondering why this wasn't portrayed in the movie?

Also, some deportees might have been emotionally damaged and moved around afterward, not being able to settle. Yet, if you read their prior history, they were moving around before. This was the Wild West after all.

One more thing - Anarchists and Communists we're running riot throughout the country and the world. They were a real threat.

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