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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tml_pohlak_13 10 / 10

An entertaining comedy!

A Polish editor sends away his wife and kids and is hoping for a peaceful weekend. His night passes uneventfully, until the lights fuse. As he fixes them, a Gypsy knocks at his window. She predicts, amongst other things, that he will kill a man with brown hair accidentally the next evening. The next day is filled with surprises, as each of the Gypsy's predictions come true. The hero becomes more and more uneasy. Then, the evening comes, and a knock sounds at his door. (But it is only two carol singers whom he pays money willingly.) After sending them away, he sits down, and as he is about to relax, he hears a noise. He looks up, and sees....

This is overall an amazing comedy, which is really entertaining. This is my favourite Polish comedy.

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