Enemy at the Gates


Action / Drama / History / Romance / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 54%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 82%
IMDb Rating 7.6 10 226187


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Rachel Weisz as Tania
Jude Law as Vassili
Ron Perlman as Koulikov
Ed Harris as Major König
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 8 / 10

brilliantly flawed ... is still brilliant

In the grand tradition of Old Hollywood, this international co-production seeks to frame the key battle of WW2 (the REAL key battle, not the ones from the John Wayne movies) as a morality tale involving a love triangle.

It is a bold idea, and beautifully executed.

In fact an argument could be made -- and I will make it -- that any flaws in the execution (it lags a bit here and there) are the result of the film-makers' "reach exceeding their grasp" and they attempted too much, more than one film could ever accomplish.

But what a film it is! You viewer feel as though you are there, making history. The four stars involved have, each of them, never given a bad performance in their careers and they surely maintain their records here.

Ed Harris in particular -- although he has less screen time -- will always to this reviewer seem a vastly under-rated actor. (This review written in 2017 where an older Harris still uses his charisma in a defining role for HBOs Westworld .... and nails it.) Recommended? Absolutely! In the Metacritic data that IMDb so helpfully provides I could not help but notice one reviewer commenting that, well, it sure isn't in the same class as SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

Which is the irony of doing film reviews. I have never not once thought of wanting to see SAVING PRIVATE RYAN again, but this film is one I like to revisit every few years. Magnificent.

Reviewed by Nazi_Fighter_David 8 / 10

A fascinating film about the strategy of two great snipers…

In "Enemy at the Gates," the future of the greatest battle of World War II, would be decided between a young Russian sniper and an aristocratic sharpshooter from Germany sent to kill him… Jude Law and Ed Harris sit for hours waiting for the right moment… It was a duel set in the siege of Stalingrad… Stalingrad was one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of World War II, and in the midst of this huge battle, these two soldiers were hunting each other down…

The film opens with the harrowing transport of thousand of Russian soldiers across the Volga River to Stalingrad… The recruits were packed onto steamers, barges, whatever they could find to ferry them across the river… All that under a deluge of shells, bombs and explosions…

By the time Vassili arrives to Stalingrad, the Nazis have a distinct edge, and Soviet morale is at an all-time low…

Leading the Russians in their seemingly futile defense is Nikita Kruschev, played by Bob Hoskins… The Germans, at that time, were overrunning the place and the Russians were in an appalling state… It was the most awful battle of the war…

Joseph Fiennes plays Danilov, an idealistic Russian officer who passionately speaks about his belief in getting the troops to turn the grave situation in Stalingrad around… He finds the perfect inspiration in Vassili…

Rachel Weisz plays a young woman who volunteers to help in the war effort… She's literally protecting the people she grew up with… When she meets Vassili, he just has a natural intelligence, a natural instinct…

Jude Law is remarkable as the young sharpshooter Vassili Zaitsev who conveyed both humanity and intensity… There's such a fierce intelligence and liveliness in his eyes… He can also be very quiet and internal… Vassili found the complexity within the silence and stillness… In fact to be a sniper is very much about a man of action through stillness… Vassili represented the ultimate hero, the symbol of someone who could instill hope and belief in victory amongst the troops, because his skills as a sniper were unparalleled…

Ed Harris played Major Konig, the German sharpshooter sent to hunt down Vassili… He knows that Vassili was picking off German officers with some regularity, and was becoming a folk hero for the Russian soldiers as well as the Russian populace... He decided to eliminate him…

The casting of Ed Harris opposite Jude Law resulted in a striking visual link between their characters… They both have these unbelievably penetrating blue eyes… And director Jean-Jacques Annaud began to see the duel through their eyes… And one of the first shots of Ed Harris was a close-up of his blue eyes…

Annaud painted the tensions very clearly and concentrated purely on the eyes of the Jude Law and Harris and, of course, on their rifles and how they were hidden and what they were doing… Basically, the core of his camera is the duel of their eyes, duel of men, duel of snipers, therefore a confrontation of people that scan the surrounding buildings, and try to decipher what they see…

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

Technically-impressive, Emotionally-Flatout WW2 Action Drama

Movie Review: "Enemy At The Gates" (2001)

World-premiering on the "Berlinale" on February 7th 2001, "Enemy At The Gates" fulfills under Jean-Jacques Anaud's direction the requirements of finding a suspense-striving showdown of an informal "World-War-II" sniper duel between a Russian and a German sharp shooter chasing from a deserted Eastern front village to an abandoned Freight-train station, bringing supreme actors Ed Harris and Jude Law together into one movie by keeping nevertheless their distances to deadly consequences, when superb supporting characters portrayed by Rachel Weisz over Ron Perlman to Bob Hoskins and Joseph Fiennes, acting as Russian superior operatives in vodka-drinking offices, when this "House of Cards" of a "World-War-II-movie" fails to convince throughout a 125-Minute-Editorial by Noelle Boisson & Humphrey Dixon, who just keep scene-in for too-long at endless tension build-up efforts of emotionally-fading character relationships that come to an end in nevertheless poetic visuals ignited by director Annaud, known for "The Name Of The Rose" (1986) starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater, in further overly romanticized cinematography as accuracy-preaching production design under an minor unexpectedly, impressively-mixed score by unless always-surprising James Horner (1953-2015), when this all despite, flaw-inhabiting war-action-picture, attracts a technically-obsessive audience.

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