Four Assassins


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 18%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 610

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Will Yun Lee as Marcus
Mercedes Renard as Cordelia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by K V 1 / 10

Too slow

First 10 minutes gave me hope that it might get good, but it didn't. There is very little action, lots of pointless talking. It feels like this entire movie could have been a very short story, or a monologue.

Reason I started watching it in the first place is because it has several actors which I normally like. Acting is OK, problem is that situations are not believable, but rather pointless, and I was not made to care for any of characters.

I cant even recommend this movie as something to watch when you have nothing better to do. Instead, go outside, sit on grass, watch grass grow and meditate. Whatever you think about during it will be very likely more entertaining than this movie.

Reviewed by devesh pant 4 / 10

Can be made excellent

Four assassin movie is story of four people and all of them are assassin so in this movie one guy got the work for killing couple but he didn't kill both of them that is why other three are in his place to find out what happen why didn't he competed his job. In this movie there are three guys one girl and girl was his ex-girlfriend, one guy is very aggressive, one guy is boss. In the starting everyone sitting and having lunch together telling their past assassin story to each other. Sometime after lunch the aggressive guy started killing everyone than fight between them started. Movie is created totally in one room. So, there is no much for director to make this even better if actors are more professional this movie can became excellent only because of the actors this movies is not that up to mark. I have seen lots of movies where director have nothing to do much so, those movie made better by the actors and these film lacking that. If you are planning to watch these movies I will better suggest skip it.

Reviewed by DrtyBlvd 1 / 10

Atrocious every way.

Script, acting, fight scenes, set design - accents - you name it, it's absolutely terrible.

Not worth your time. Or theirs.

More interestingly, a review here on IMDb has to be ten lines in length, or it cannot be posted - but there genuinely isn't ten lines of criticism worth leveling at this film.

In part, that is one of the problems the film has as well - *it could have been done in less than ten lines* - there aren't many films brave enough or strong enough to carry off the 'four protagonists in one room for the entire film' scenario - and this one shouldn't have attempted it.

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