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Amanda Crew as Mary
Grace Park as Agent Ray
Bruce Dern as Mr. Snowcone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caidjohnson 5 / 10

99% of the reviews for this movie are fake.

I just went through and clicked on all of the profile names for the reviewers of this movie, mainly because the reviews looked suspiciously similar.

Turns out that all but one or two were written by actual individuals, while the rest (all of the 9 or 10 scored reviews) are either written by the same person (most likely scenario, because they're lazy and stupidly enthusiastic) or written by a bot.

It's too bad the movie's credibility has to be ruined by this kind of cheating.

I've given the movie a 5 star rating as I don't feel I've seen enough of it to give it a fair rating.

Reviewed by Factor 5 5 / 10

Can somebody please delete all those generic 10/10 reviews?

Most of the 10/10 reviews look like mobile app reviews. Zero content oneliners with no real reference to the actual product. Could be taken from the 101 book of meaningless reviews an hollow phrases. Either the reviewers are braindead, bots or have been paid to write such nonsense

Instead of making me want to see the movie they almost achieve the opposite.Will see the movie tommorrow at a local Film Festival and hope for the best.

Reviewed by entourage2223 9 / 10

A Superhero Film with Brains

I took this op to make a review as I saw it at TIFF and would like to share what I think of the film and see who agrees. A once marvel fan here, I have become less and less excited with each release as they have become repetitive, dull, and uninspiring. This movie turns that script on a 180 and once again gives life to the superhero/comicbook type flicks such as the original Kickass, Sin City, Batman as well as early Marvel films. The problem the later marvel flicks have is that they are so obviously in the marvel universe, that they forget to make them realistic and relatable to the real world. Freaks is a movie that like Nolan's batman is realistic, but unlike batman takes place in a world much like our own and reveals how society would react to these 'freaks'.

Seen in a completely first person sort of view (the girl), it puts the audience behind the lens of confusion. This lets the actual problem their society is facing become hard to understand for both the girl and the audience and leaves the superhero premise to actually be seen as secondary from the family's relationships. Once it is uncovered and the action starts the film provides excellent suspense, horror, and gore that would not be acceptable in mainstream superhero movies but needs to be included.

Even though it is far from being completely original, the little it takes from other sci-fi/superhero flicks can be exempt as it may do it better than everything it takes from, partly due to the incredible acting by the cast and the direction/cinematography.

Hoping this film, as well as this review, reaches a much larger audience!

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