In the Heart of the Sea


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
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Chris Hemsworth as Owen Chase
Tom Holland as Thomas Nickerson
Ben Whishaw as Herman Melville
Cillian Murphy as Matthew Joy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Richie-67-485852 5 / 10

Need More Heart Here

If you like a decent story, the ocean, whales and man against the elements, here you go. If you want it to be memorable, you need to give it dimension, form, purpose and some intrigue. That is missing here and I am surprised that it is considering Ron Howard directed this. As to Chris Hemsworth, I am not sure he can carry a picture as a leading man. His verbal and emotional skills are not quite as fully developed as his body is. To be fair, this movie is not Moby Dick but instead the story that inspired it. When the words Moby Dick are conjured, one thinks of Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab and all the other colorful characters in the classic movie of its time. Here, we are given a story that needs our help to be entertaining when we should be since we paid to be so. If there are deleted scenes that will come out on a Blue Ray, this will help it along. I liked the movie but not $9.00 worth which is what it cost to get in. Wait until cable and you will enjoy it more one evening. Not a popcorn movie but a snack wouldn't hurt plus a tasty drink

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Adventure , thrills , and sea chases , being wonderfully shot in the Canary Islands , Spain

Agreeable retelling , vividly played , in which a Captain called Pollard (Benjamin Walker , though other actors that were considered included Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and Henry Cavill) and a tough first officer , Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth) command a surly ship of whale hunters through sheer ruthlessness and ego . Fine rendition freely based on Herman Neville novel : ¨Moby Dick¨ , with enjoyable interpretations from all-star-cast . Based on the true story of the ship Essex , a whaling ship that was attacked and sunk by a sperm whale in the southern Pacific Ocean in 1820 . In this extremely loose adaptation of Melville's classic novel, George Pollard , Ahab-alike , is revealed initially not as a bitter and revengeful madman . This oceans saga features some survivors of a lost whaling ship and relates the tale of a white whale as well as the captain Pollard's obsession with desires for vendetta upon the greatest animal . It starts in New England , where an expert officer and harpooner signs aboard the whaling ship along with rookie captain George Pollard . Both of whom meet a motley crew formed by two-fisted sailors as Caleb Chappel (Paul Anderson) , Henry Coffin (Frank Dillane) , Richard Peterson (Osy Ikhile) , Benjamin Lawrence (Joseph Mawle) , Ramsdell (Sam Keeley ) and Matthew Joy (Cillian Murphy) , among others . They are attacked by a huge Cachalot that causes destruction and wreck havoc . Pollard , subsequently , consecrates his life to hunt it , full of hating and vengeance . He has a self-destructive obsession to hunt the white whale , carrying out obstinately his revenge and determination to seek avenge on the beast that destroyed his crew and ship .

Based on a true incident inspired Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" . Yet another take on of Melville's classic battle of wills story described on the book titled "In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex¨ by Nathaniel Philbrick , being well written by screenwriter Charles Leavitt . The picture is a fine as well as free adaptation of the famous novel well scripted/adapted and ably realized , though full of computer generator FX . ¨In the heart of the sea¨ is an attractive tale of life on the high seas , and in particular on board a whale schooner named 'Essex' , while in the classic novel is called ¨Pequod¨ . This impressive adaptation based on Herman Melville's 1851 classic novel is vividly brought to screen . The interactions between George Pollard , Owen Chase , Matthew Joy are reminiscent of ¨Moby Dick's personages¨ as Captain Ahab , Ishmael , Starbuck , Queequeg , Daggoo , as well as the main characters of ¨Billy Budd¨, another novel written by Herman Melville , and it results to be one of the most thrilling and moving see sagas ever written . Suspense and tension of the ocean is completely captured , including enduring frames as the braving storms , famine , panic and despair , the men will call into question their deepest beliefs , from the value of their existences to the morality of their works as whale-killers . Climatic battle between the giant whale and the harpooners , it is an overwhelming piece of cinema as you are likely to watch . Charles Leavitt , Rick Jaffa , Amanda Silver wrote the story and screenplay that was partially faith to the novel . And filmmaker Ron Howard stamping this movie with epic images and thought-provoking dialogs . Enjoyable recounting , including quite a few moments that click make this top-of-the-range movie more than watchable . The FX experts created a great whale made by means of ordinary computer generator . Top-notch main and secondary cast realize extraordinary performances . Chris Hemsworth is nice as well as Benjamin Walker and Tom Holland . This marks the second collaboration between director Ron Howard and actor Chris Hemsworth , their first collaboration was Rush (2013). Phenomenal support cast , plenty of familiar faces who give perfect interpretations , such as Brendan Gleeson , Cillian Murphy , Jordi Mollà , Michelle Fairley , Paul Anderson , Frank Dillane , Joseph Mawle , Donald Sumpter , Richard Bremmer and Ben Whishaw as Herman Melville

Cameraman Anthony Dod Mantle's appropriate color cinematography splendidly conveys the bleaker qualities of the chase . Exciting and thrilling musical score by Roque Baños , being filmed on location in the Canaries , where in 1956 John Huston directed the classic version starred by Gregory Peck , Richard Basehart , Harry Andrews and Orson Welles . The motion picture was compellingly directed by Ron Howard . This is the sixth film directed by Ron Howard based on a true story. The others were "Apolo 13 (1995)", "A beautiful mind (2001) ", "Cinderella Man (2005)", "Frost versus Nixon (2008)" and "Rush (2013)". Rating : Very good , better tan average . Well worth watching .

Reviewed by petra_ste 6 / 10

Lightweight whale

Ron Howard's Moby Dick would be a funny thing indeed - like Michael Bay's Crime and Punishment. Howard has landed a few solid genre films (Ransom, Apollo 13...), but he is essentially a vanilla director making vanilla movies - a bad match for Melville's metaphysical masterpiece.

Thankfully, the connection with Moby Dick is a lot feebler; In the Heart of the Sea is an adaptation of Nathaniel Philbrick's excellent novel, based on a true event - the sinking of the ship Essex by a whale - which inspired Melville's classic.

The movie commits three major narrative blunders.

First, the usual, overwrought framing device, with survivor Nickerson (Gleeson) recounting the disaster and the crew's following ordeal to Melville (Whishaw). Not only the meeting never happened (Nickerson wrote down his memoirs for a minor writer, who never used them); the movie keeps cutting to Nickerson and Melville, dissipating any tension and momentum the survivors' struggle may gather. Imagine a version of Cast Away where, every ten minutes on the island, we cut to a scene of Tom Hanks interviewed by a journalist after returning home.

Second problem: characters. The most interesting element of Philbrick's novel is how Captain Pollard (here played by Benjamin Walker), decent but irresolute, is the more sympathetic character, while first mate Chase (Chris Hemsworth), harsh but determined, is the more charismatic.

As is typical of blockbusters, the movie chooses a single protagonist (Chase/Hemsworth) and whitewashes him to an absurd extent. He was supposed to become Captain, but was robbed of his rank! (He wasn't - Pollard was the Essex' previous first mate). Chase was popular among the crew! (He wasn't, many feared and disliked him). And so on. Even Walker's supercilious Pollard eventually bows to Thor's superiority. A pity, because Chase would have been FAR more intriguing with his darker edges.

Third problem: Howard's penchant for melodrama rears its ugly head. Director and scriptwriters felt the need to spice up this compelling story with inventions (like the whale chasing the crew for weeks after the attack, or a one-harmed sailor warning them about the beast), while omitting details with the flavor of real life (a sailor setting an island on fire out of sheer idiocy, a hunting party aborted after a terrible roar in a jaguar-infested jungle) and crucial mistakes: Pollard wanted to sail to the Society Islands after the disaster, which would probably have saved many lives, but was irresolute enough to be persuaded by his officers to head to South America instead.

The result is watchable, but lightweight - the one adjective one would NEVER use for the literary classic the movie so portentously tries to evoke.


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