Kill Me Again


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 4055


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Val Kilmer as Jack Andrews
Michael Madsen as Vince Miller
Joanne Whalley as Fay Forrester
Jon Gries as Alan Swayzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Predrag 8 / 10

"Where's that?" "It's up by Lake Mead"

Somehow the dark, horrifically-empty aspect of modern American life - which is itself especially starkly on view in NV - is precisely nailed by this film. The film might aptly be subtitled - "The Illusion of Love in a Dead Culture like ours". Yes, outwardly, it's about the astonishing betrayals and cruelty everybody - good or bad - will go through to get their hands on the attache case with the mob's money. But inwardly it's about the search for a love that has sunk irretrievably below the surface of one of Nevada's beautiful lakes. But it is on the "inner" level that this movie really struck at me. It is set in Nevada: Winnemucca, Reno, Vegas, Overton etc. Well-developed, uniquely-identified, memorable characters; excellent acting by all; crisp, often amusing, dialogue; well-plotted and paced with surprising twists and turns, and a surprising climax. The haunting background music (William Olvis) alone is worth the seeing the movie for.

Val Kilmer and Joanne Walley Kilmer make a great team in this absorbing movie of cross, double cross, triple cross. The editing was a little choppy but not enough to really detract from this absorbing story. Good looking Joanne Whalley cons low-rent private eye, Kilmer, into helping her fake her death to escape her ostensibly murderous ex-boyfriend, played by Michael Madsen. Once the plan is in motion Whalley constantly shifts allegiance depending upon who seems to have the upper hand. This movie actually does not pretend to be profound or politically deep. For me that's a plus as I get enough politics every day and just want some good escapist fare.

Overall rating: 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by mgtbltp 8 / 10

Nevada Desert Film Soleil

Film Soleil, the yang of Film Noir's yin. Credits roll. Desert. Distilled anti-city. Bright. Sun baked. Torrid. Wasteland 360 to the horizon.

Winnemucca. Nevada. A daylight heist. '76 Monte Carlo. Vince (Madsen) leather clad Elvis. Eye shades. Fay (Whalley), casino trash. She's the bait. Vince is the switch. Mob skim. Briefcase stash. Two couriers. One gets stupid. One gets cute. Vince drills him. He bites the Dust. Vince grabs the loot. Fay lays Chevy rubber. Desert desperadoes. They vamoose. Gone.

Two lane getaway. Briefcase opened. Woah! Fay's ecstatic. Dollar sign eyes. Money junkie. Gambling addict. Vince mad. Too much. Thirty times too much. Mob money. Gotta leave state. Gotta scram. Gotta get outta Dodge. Gotta Idaho. Hicksville. The boonies. Lay low.

Fay - No way. You go. Been there done that. We split it. Viva Las Vegas. Vince mad. Cowboy boot to brake. Hooks in. Rubber smokes. Vince and Fay have a tussle. Vince persuades. Fay comes 'round. Fay gets docile. They head North.

Pit stop. Rest Area. Vince gotta whiz. Doesn't trust Fay. Takes her and briefcase into the john. Vince starts watering the horse. Fay eyeballs rock door stop. Sees way out. Sees dollar signs. She grabs rock. Kisses Vince on the melon. He's still draining the main vein. Lights out. Fay grabs money. Fay grabs Chevy. Dollar Sign eyes. Looking for bright lights. Wants to hear that ding, ding, ding. Heads to Reno.

Motel. Fay checks in. Tabulates total on tabloid rag. $475,000. Almost half a mill. Tabloid blurb. "Wife fakes death and steals hubby's money." Fay get's brainstorm. Flips open phone book. Private Investigators. "A". First listing Jack Andrews. Lucky dog.

Jack Andrews (Kilmer) is a Reno PI about to go on the skids. He owes $10,000 to a loan shark. Payment due. He's late. A couple of meat heads are busting up his office. A warning. Jack gets feisty. Get's a broken pinkie finger for his trouble.

Fay goes fishing. Dresses in white. Innocence personified. She's pure as driven slush. Walks into Jack's. Got a plan for the man. Jack eyeballs Fay. Likes what he sees. Fay goes into her act. Turns on the tears. Sob story sister. Battered beauty. Abusive beau. Not right in the head. Displays her bruises. Cries crocodile tears. She wants Jack to fake her death. Get Vince off her rear. She'll pay $10,000. Half now. Half later. Jack's got Dollar Sign eyes. Fay is addictive. Money troubles solved? No, it's an invitation to the blues.

Our Femme Fatale Joanne Whalley-Kilmer has this quality of being able to look both extremely sexy and weaselly simultaneously. At times she's a bit swarthy, disheveled, and greasy. But she cleans up nicely in a low rent, low life sort of way. She can play sweet and demure when she's registering at a motel and wants the clerk to remember her. Other times she affects the look of a rat nibbling on a wedge of cheese. Her eyes slightly bulging at the moment you flip the lights on in the kitchen. She has an aura of rodent, I guess we can call it a rat girl vibe. She's jail tail.

Michael Madsen is always convincing as a homicidal psychopath. He was born to play these characters. In classic noir he would have been reverently type cast, on par with Peter Lorre, Elisha Cook Jr., Dan Duryea, and Raymond Burr. His dead eyes negate any facial expressions he may generate. You are looking into the abyss of mayhem and madness. You know he's nuts.

Val Kilmer as PI Jack Andrews has an Eagle Scout vibe. He comes off as competent P.I., who has had a string of bad luck. Swerving to miss a deer he loses control of his car and goes through a guardrail. He and his wife are plunged into a lake. He tries to save her. Only Jack survives and he's haunted by the tragedy. He is down but not out.

The finale sets up like this. Jack is after Fay. Vince and the police are after Jack. The mob is after Vince and Fay. It's quite entertaining, looks great, and it manages to homage a few Classic Noir's in the process. John Dahl really has a handle on Film Noir/Film Soleil. Music was by William Olvis. For his first effort Dahl earns a 7-8/10.

Reviewed by blkhwk41 7 / 10

Certainly not great, but watchable..

This was certainly not a great movie or wonderful acting, but not terrible. It was entertaining, especially to me, living in Reno where some of it was filmed. Part of the crew and actors were in Reno for about 2 days. Val Kilmer was a trip along with some of the bit players. At the time I was running Security on the night shift at the Sands Hotel/Casino which owned the motel - the Rancho Sierra, on 4th Street opposite one of our towers. RPD was hired to do traffic control for a few hours on one day and Sands Security was responsible for the parking and staging of much of the time the crew was on site. Some of them did some 'partying' at a couple of our bars which provided us with interesting scenarios several times. They were given some latitude and responded fairly well. Again, not a great movie, but I gave it a 7 because it was, subjectively, watchable and due to the location.

I have wished for years that IMDb would give 1/2s instead of just the 1-10, but it has not materialized...

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