Killer Camera Monsters


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.2 10 60

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Elena Diaz as Nicole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jgiecek 2 / 10


This movie is just that, EEK!! I wish I could say that was for the horror but, the lights, camera work, script, actors, etc. etc. make it more like, OH GAWD THIS IS BAD!!! 2 stars for a dark glimpse of Olive (the assistant) rear early on in the movie.

Reviewed by orinmichaelorlandoorio 1 / 10

This Movie could have been something real good if only

The acting is terrible to the point i laugh. I never seen a movie with such bad actors. The script did not help and it felt like the zombie thing was just added for kicks. How can the writer actors watch this and think that was a great movie and be proud. The ending is even worse . The start of the movie had promise as it seem that it would be a guy who bought a camera that brought out the darkness in him. It drove him to kill. That would have been a much better plot. Or the camera took peoples souls and they just died and not turn into anything. That way the photographer would have the last ever picture of that person alive. That would have made much much better sense, But nope lets go the zombie root. The guy who plays Adam as been acting since he was 13. hahahaha. Even writing that I am laughing. Phillip Orazio if i was you i would give it up. The supporting act was even worse. How this film even got release will always be a question that will never be answered

Reviewed by littlezhidao 1 / 10

The worst

Wow, literally the worst ! I wish I can give 0 star

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