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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by codyarnold-19733 6 / 10

Could have been made better but a decent movie

I guess in England CPS don't play around. Hours after the boys father kills their mom then tries to kill them then kills himself they come take them. No questioning by the cops or other parents about what happened. Like I said its an ok movie but could have been made better.

Reviewed by drhersh 10 / 10

Absolutely Brilliant...

Better than 98% of movies you will ever see coming out of Hollywood.. A story of great wisdom from the mind of a child. Perfect acting all round, gorgeous cinematography, intelligent writing, masterful direction. What more could you want in a movie.

Reviewed by mccollum26 7 / 10

Heartbreaking story done it right

The poster gave me the impression this maybe the UK version of "Stand by me", but it was nothing like it except for the story evolves around 4 boys. Davy(Noa Thomas) spends his summer days with his brother Iwan(Gruffydd Weston) and best friends, Rhys(Rowan Jones) and Robbie(Christopher Benning).

Then they witness Rhys and Robbie's father shoot their mom and kills himself. Their much older brother Kev(Steffan Cennydd) finds out their mom was gonna leave the family for a neighbor named Dai(Richard Harrington). Kev blames Dai for his mom leaving dad and goes after him to revenge while 2 younger brothers are sent to a foster home.

Sensitive Davy refuses to accept his best friends sudden depart and tries to correct it by himself. He wants to bring back his best friends home and takes care of their dog, Rex. But he's too young to fully understand the situation and to powerless to do anything about it.

Growing up in a loveless household myself, I understand the parents as well as the kids what they want and why they want it. The movie climaxes when Davy confronts Dai in hopes of turning back things the way it was, but it ends very realistic way without any tragedy. I love this movie exactly for it because life is like that.

The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is pretty solid from mostly unknown actors. Wish to see them more in the future. This is a heartbreaking story without any good or evil, because that's what we are like.

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