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Olga Fonda as Russian Girl
Ambyr Childers as American Astronaut Woman
Jasmine Waltz as Robot Wife
James C. Burns as Late Night Host
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jgleon-16851 9 / 10

An audio-visual delight

I enjoyed this movie very much. I would liken it to movies like "Moon" and "2001: A Space Odyssey". As another reviewer wrote: 'it is beautifully shot and beautifully paced', and it has a great soundtrack as well.

Reviewed by SteveLakerLondon 8 / 10

Intelligent, artistic sci-fi

There are two ways to see this film: To get it or not.

If you understand quantum entanglement. If you get that gods and aliens are interchangeable. And if you can see that we are all made from the universe, then this film will hit you like a wonderful bolt of vindication in your thinking. Because William Eubank gets that.

Some say it's slow: It's only 84 minutes. There's a build-up, then a crescendo of one quite unbelievable thing after another. Many will give up and dismiss it as something they don't get.

But if you understand that everything's connected, that knowledge comes with death's release, and that someone else might think that too, watch this (and read my book, Cyrus Song). It's not just physics which makes all our worlds go round.

Reviewed by Mihai Toma 6 / 10


It is a movie which tries to raise awareness of how strong but also sensitive human connections are and the fact that love is what keeps us alive, giving us strength to carry on.

It presents an astronaut who suddenly loses contact with earth and from that moment on, a very tough struggle for mental sanity and survival begins. We're shown a lot of his memories, his thoughts and eventually some strange links he makes as a result of a mysterious find aboard his ship. Frankly, although I did find the beginning interesting, the whole movie started to fall abruptly towards boredom and it stayed there until the end. They had a great idea but they didn't know what to do with it. A lot of ambiguous events and unexplained phenomenon disappointed me as I had greater expectations in terms of story. I was surprised by its superb effects but they couldn't make up for a plot which leaves the impression that it is unfinished. I think that instead of prolonging some scenes which seemed to take forever (pointlessly), they should have done some explaining at least at the finale and not leave it as vague as it is, forcing everyone to guess and struggle to understand what they were trying to say.

They've made their point with the main idea but the art is in the details and that's where this movie fails. It's a shame because it could have been a much better film for everybody to enjoy.

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