National Treasure


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 76%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 296109

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Nicolas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates
Sean Bean as Ian Howe
Diane Kruger as Abigail Chase
Jon Voight as Patrick Gates
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thegoauld-1 9 / 10

An entertaining movie for the whole family

**********SPOILER WARNING************

I had the pleasure of seeing this film twice at the theater. The only shows where I've seen the audience more into a movie were Spider-man 1 & 2, X-MEN 2, and Rocky. The movie is interesting from start to finish.

While all the actors (and actress) do a good job, Sean Bean steals the show. So many times, the villain can make or break the film. Sean Bean was the absolute best choice for this particular villain. The characters arrogance, intelligence, and relentless resolve shine through.

I feel the main drawback to the film was its PG rating. It would have been better as a PG-13. Some obvious violence was toned down. Even people that never use foul language, would have dropped the "F" bomb here and there. But as it stands with its PG rating, everyone can enjoy it.

Reviewed by guywhoacts 10 / 10

A Personal Favorite - Perhaps the best documentary ever made

I watch a lot of documentaries but there's only one I go back to time and time again and get the same joy I got watching it the first time...

And that's National Treasure.

Nicolas Cage sweeps all this time! He looks especially manly in this one. Riley, his computer genius pal is HILARIOUS! And Abigail, hubba hubba!

It's a miracle documentary. Full of miracles. 10/10 IGN

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 7 / 10

Despite some flaws, this movie is worth hunting for. What a treasure!

With 4th of July celebrations, just around the corner, as of this writing. I thought, that this would be, the best time, to dig deep into, one of my favorite films, to watch on Independence Day; "National Treasure'. Directed by Jon Turteltaub & Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. This Disney movie tells the story of treasure hunter, Ben Gates (Nicholas Cage) on his quest to find the hidden Templar treasure of American Freemason, whom he believe, hid cryptography clues on the back of the Declaration of Independence. To prove this conspiracy theory to be true, he must hatch a plan to steal the document, and pull off the heist of the century to find the treasure. Without spoiling the movie, too much, the film can be best described as 2006's 'The Da Vinci Code', 2001's 'Ocean 11" & 1981 "Raiders of the Lost Ark', all roll over into one. While, the treasure hunting plot is bit ridiculousness in the reasons, why Gates must steal the document first, in order to protect it, from being stolen. I do have to say, the treasure hunt is still entertaining. This movie truly surprised me in how smart & fun, the problem-solving is, even in how much artistic liberties, it takes with real-life history like locations and historic people. I did not expect it, to be so good, seeing how the last family friendly treasure hunting movie, 2004's TV movie, 'The Librarian: Quest for the Spear', I saw before this, had a dumb down 'call of adventure'. Perhaps the most exciting thing about this movie is the idea that family films can be sophisticated, and still be appropriate for a general audience. This movie is prove that smart, live action, adventure PG films, are still possible. Still, it is necessary to suspend your disbelief, when it comes to idea of the young nation having a secret Templar treasure. The idea of the Founding Fathers hoarding money is truly unrealistic implausible, even for fantasy sakes; seeing how in real-life, the main masonic lodge was in Britain, and the young nation of USA was bankrupted, during the American Revolution and stay poverty-stricken, even long after it, due to trade restricted and war debts. Nevertheless, nobody should take this movie as a legit American History lecture. After all, it is an action adventure. However, the movie does fail in, delivered the action, in the adventure part. While, the treasure hunting and heist parts is fine and dandy, the action involving on foot and high speed car chases through the streets of Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, falls to be memorable. I hardly remember, any of it. While, those parts, wouldn't be, a 'National Treasure', the good production value and star power does work for the film. Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates, has the right amount of craziness and believability to make, the audience take his character, somewhat serious. The film could had, quickly fallen apart, if he over acted, a little bit more. Thank God, he took this role, very seriously. Nice to see him, take some control. This is pretty rare. Also, the chemistry between his character and sidekick Riley Poole (Justin Batha) was somewhat believable, as well. While, some of the jokes between them, fall flat, I really don't mind, hearing each other, argue, how crazy, their ideas, are. Even, the vocal fights with Jon Voight's character, Patrick Gages was fine for the most part. I just wish, Voight didn't chew up all the scenery, as much. That's Cage's job. Cages parrying with Diane Kruger's sexy-intellectual portrayal of Dr. Abigail Chase was also pretty good. However, I doubt, they would be, lovely dovely, so quick, after only a few days, together. Nevertheless, surprisingly, it was the villains that didn't stand out for me. I totally forgot that actor, Sean Bean was in his film as Ian Howe. Maybe, because it's one of the rare films, in which, the character that Bean plays, doesn't die. Fortunately, the cat-and-mouse game between Nicolas Cage and Sean Bean was not even close in suspense, as I couldn't buy into Howe catching up to Gates. In the end, Gates was just in, a league of his own. Nevertheless, while, the movie lacks suspense. The pacing does work, quickly. Even if, the flow seem a little too structure. Despite that, I do have to say, the music that goes with the film, by composer, Trevor Rabin was rather good. It really gets you, into the sense of looking for buried treasure. Overall: National Treasure is an exciting, engrossing adventure flick that needs to be watch. One worthy of watching on Independence Day!

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