No Tears for the Dead


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 5443

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Brian Tee as Chaoz
Minae Noji as Mo-geyoung
Todd Haberkorn as Detective Jang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 9 / 10

Geat action shots

Absolutely a fantastic film. The action might be a standard affair but the story and the emotion that this film evokes is insane. It is brutal in not only the action but the real feeling of a mother who just lost her child now dragged into another fiasco. Definitely give this movie a shot

Reviewed by bbickley13-921-58664 7 / 10

A very good crime drama with some explosive action sequences

The movie is about a hit man from America's mid-west who is of Korean decent. When he botches what was supposed to be his last job by killing an innocent kid, he is sent to Korea to fix what he screwed up by killing the kid's mother.

It sounds a bit like a fish out of water story, but the movie only proves that the crime world is the crime world no matter what country you are from. Some of the criminals were speaking up to three different languages, but in the crime game there are only two languages in you really need to know …money and guns.

The gun part was not as much as the money part but when the gun part was done it was violent, like Chow Yun Fat 80's style violent. The action sequences were stylish and bloody, just how I like it

The money part is where all the crime Drama comes in as it's about a Korean gang uses a legit network to launder Triad money, The plot tries to be complex with the an everyone is not who they seem kind of situation. They film also tries to give some depth to the main character showing us why a harden hit man would allow an accidentally killing to melt his heart like it did. For me the story was not as complex as the action sequences.

Some of the midsection could use more gun play, but overall it was a great seeing it.

Reviewed by baehr_adam 10 / 10

Yet Again Another Superb Korean film!!!!!

Holy Smokes I just finished watching this movie and I absolutely loved it. I'm a huge fan of Korean films and they are my favorite films off all time. I will say that I haven't seen a ton of them but I'm working on it. I loved the setting and also the story plot while unoriginal kept the plot moving forward. The actors and actresses all did an Amazing job especially the main protagonist "Gon" played by Jang Dong-gun which was the first Korean movie I have seen him in and what a tremendous actor. I will move forward with the action and Man O Man was it Insane. The one thing Korean films do better then any other films from around the world are to choreograph wonderful firefight scenes and jaw dropping Brutal fight scenes. I have seen a ton of movies in my 25 years of existence lol and being from America I will also say that these films put to shame what America comes out with in terms of action. Well anyways this is a must watch movie and you will not regret it I guarantee you that and you will want to watch more Korean films afterwards but understand that if you can't or are to lazy to read subtitles you might not enjoy it as much but the action scenes might just alleviate that feeling.

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