Pitch Perfect 2


Action / Comedy / Music / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 65%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 64%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 137913


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Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chris0184 10 / 10

Misunderstood and actually brilliant!

Let me lay my cards out there straightaway. I'm a 31 year old bloke, married with two kids, who loves films and music. I'm also an officer in the military.

And I love this film.

I Ioved the first film, and this one builds on it. But you have to appreciate that the film is based around college. For anyone that's actually been to college they should have experienced parties/people/incidents replicated in this film. I don't really understand why people show so much disdain for the 'childish' humour!

That aside...

Hats off to Elizabeth Banks for her directorial debut, you'd never know there was any change from the first film. And her inserts with John Michael Higgins are excellent, if you take them at face value for exactly what they are intended to be; humour! And pretty sexist, misogynistic humour!

Anna Kendrick is, as always, stunning (yes, the wife knows!) and simply brilliant. Shows just how much of an actress she is having improvised almost half her lines and proves once again that she can actually sing (albeit that the singing is not on set and pre-recorded).

The rest of the cast is brilliant and it's nice to see a little more of Esther Dean actually singing/rapping rather than her usual producing.

Hailee Steinfeld has stepped in seamlessly. I don't think we saw enough of Rebel Wilson though, reckon there'll be a few deleted scenes that didn't make it.

Good to see a lot of humour applied to the Ashley/Jessica situation (unless you know the film you won't get this).

The final song was actually very good. Maybe not as unexpected as the first film but brilliant with an original start and an excellent surprise at the end that I think added a very personal and moving touch.

It will be a shame if the franchise is over!

Reviewed by peterchapman-76310 9 / 10

Funny perfect follow up to the original

Pitch Perfect 2 is just as much fun as the first one. Kudos to Elizabeth Banks for her first directing role. This time our favourite Capella band are performing in front of the president and his wife. A wardrobe malfunction see's them banned from competing in the US there only hope a competition taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

What can I say about this film? I thought it was just as much fun as the original, the story plays out at just the right pace, all our favourite characters return for another outing, including Elizabeth Banks herself as the TV Presenter Gail.

If you liked the first film you will like this one also.

Reviewed by funtasticfour 7 / 10

A pretty good sequel

I don't usually watch movies back to back, but having just finished the first movie, my family wanted to jump into the second. The characters are still good, and they do grow somewhat, but the music isn't as catchy as the first movie. I liked some of the other groups from around the world, particularly the German rivals, so that added a bit to the movie. Also fewer laughs than the first, but still pretty solid.

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