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Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo
Julie Benz as Sarah
Richard Crenna as Col. Samuel Trautman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 8 / 10


Rambo is not some incredible film, but the series has always been about action and it keeps it up here. The plot is pretty pointless, but honestly I wasn't looking for some big and complex story, just fun action. The violence goes above and beyond in this film, and honestly I had a fun time. Also, the end of the film will be a treat for any longtime Rambo fans. So don't see this expecting a masterpiece, but instead a fun action film.

Reviewed by chrisalsop1213 9 / 10

Pure action!! Solid Movie.

Rambo is without question a sick action movie and Stallone has proved himself again as an intense actor and as a solid director. This installment combines elements from all three previous movies but this one had a much more realistic feel. Yes some dialog is questionable and there are a few, albeit brief, scenes that don't quite work, but make no mistake, this movie takes no prisoners. Stallone slips back into the role with ease and his supporting players do an admirable job. Critics will whine as they always do about the excessive violence, gore and lack of story. (Stick to giving awful movies like The Skeleton Key thumbs up guys). The ironic thing is that Rambo actually gives a vivid and some would say accurate portrayal of war. It has a similar feel to Black Hawk Down and borrows its chaotic action. Rambo pulls no punches...It's brutality, violence and gore are rooted in reality. Gone is the "fun" action of 2 and 3. It is replaced with realism which amounts to some of the best and most intense action sequences I've ever seen. My only real gripe with the film was scenes that were sped up in post. (No big deal)

Finally, the integrity of the series as a whole has been kept in tact. Everything from the music, to the action to the character to the final scene. An extremely well crafted movie. Rambo/action fans will not be disappointed...And neither will the critics who rave about The Princess Diaries

Reviewed by rambofan4life 10 / 10

Rambo is a fighting machine, it is the best gory action my third personal favorite film of all time

Rambo (2008) the fourth film in the franchise is the ultimate action film from 2008 it is a bad-ass action film since Rambo III (1988) 20 years come out. It was a huge improvement over Rambo 3. I love this film to death most of the action films are not that gory like this movie. It fast paced, it goes quickly around and Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo and he reloads his famous character, he portrays John Rambo well. This is my comic book hero yes John Rambo is my ultimate action hero of all time. I am a HUGE John Rambo fan and this is my third favorite film series and my number 1 action movies in the action genre. The first franchise is Friday the 13th movies and Rambo are my favorite absolutely franchise.

I am glad Stallone made the fourth film and now Sly wants to make Rambo V and his 70 years old how will that work. Stallone throw that idea years ago because he was un happy. Rambo the fourth film in my opinion made a full circle and he close the character well. We don't need another sequel and Rambo V will be awful leave our character alone Stallone.

John Rambo movies are so action packed and stuffed with violence, that no man who values his testosterone should miss them. I only have to say that there is so much intense violence and gore that little children should steer clear and teenagers should persist their parents to see this movie.

Sylvester Stallone returns as John Rambo, the former Green Beret and Vietnam veteran who in present day works as a boat captain in Southeast Asia and takes a job transporting missionaries on a medical aid mission. When the missionaries are captured by Burmese Junta soldiers, Rambo joins a group of mercenaries on a rescue mission.

This is Stallone's only movie he written and directed him self. The action is gory and bloody that I love it. Rambo is using a Browning M2 Aircraft machine gun. Rambo uses the M2 to obliterate the driver and than he kills all the soldiers while he is reloading the machine gun M2 - .50cal BMG and he kills all the soldiers that scene kicks ass. You have a lot of fire power in here and I love the rescue mission in here. This is a bad-ass kick-ass film! I love Rambo's Mini Machete he uses in this movie. He chops people's heads off, he sets mines against Burmese soldiers.

I also like some of the characters in this movie: Julie Benz as Sarah, Graham McTavish as Lewis I love his character to death. Matthew Marsden as School Boy those three characters are memorable to me. I don't like the extended version because it is different from the theatrical cut and Rambo and I don't like his character in the extended cut that is why Stallone release this version theatrical cut.

Richard Crenna and Jerry Goldsmith did not return for the fourth film, because they both past away and are no longer with us anymore. Brian Tyler did a music score for the film and in my opinion did a good music score for the film like Jerry Goldsmith did for the first three film. In my opinion Brian Tyler's score is great for the film.

10/10 Rambo the final fourth film was one of the best action films of all time, my favorite film heroes don't get old they just reload. My third personal favorite action film of all time.

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