Resident Evil: Vendetta


Action / Adventure / Animation / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 10189


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Brian T. Delaney as Soldier
Erin Cahill as Rebecca Chambers
Kari Wahlgren as Nadia
Matthew Mercer as Leon S. Kennedy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spmact 6 / 10

The more you watch, the worse it gets

The film seems like it had promise. It started out OK, even though everyone in the movie, including soldiers, are stupid enough to just stand there and look at the zombies until they get attacked by them. The villain had an interesting back story and seemed like he might have depth, but then he just gets comical towards the end. Near the end everything just gets even more silly, to the point of insulting your intelligence - even for a zombie movie! The heroes never run out of bullets and can get knocked across the room without as much as a limp. It's predictable and uninteresting. I was hoping the animated films might make up for the live action ones going downhill, but I've basically lost faith in this whole game franchise when it comes to films now.

Reviewed by geekymomsrr 9 / 10

Reminds me of old school Resident Evil

The hubby and I watched this the other night and it was amazing. It hearkens back to the old school Resident Evil games, where you were shooting zombies and maybe a few crazy mutants. The best thing to compare it to is one long, action packed cut scene. Things I wasn't thrilled with: Actually there wasn't much that bothered me except the character design for Chris and Leon. Leon looked like a douchie pretty boy, while Chris was a 'roided army man. Of course as DK reminded me, Chris did punch a rock to death (RE5) so I guess he needed to be a bit 'roided for that. My one other issue was with Rebecca, she'd gone through the whole zombie thing before and was a member of S.T.A.R.S with that training under her belt. So why did she freak out so much when the zombies started coming after her? I mean she's dealt with these things before. Things I liked: The graphics were so good that at times it looked real. The story was like the plot to one of the games. I liked the Chris and Leon team up, I also liked that they brought back Rebecca. The game and previous movie references were a great little treat for any Resident Evil fan. Lots of action, blood and gore, just what you'd expect from this franchise. Conclusion: I feel this is a must see for any old school Resident Evil fans. If you liked the earlier Resident Evil games then I think you'll really enjoy this movie.

Reviewed by Petros Malousis (roriconfan) 5 / 10

Vendetta stops giving a damn about trying to have a message and goes purely for spectacle, with the plot being an afterthought.


-The CGI quality has improved even more than the second movie, making it pretty close to photo-realistic. -The setting is a collection of different areas from the games, almost like fan service. Nothing sticks out or has much variety, making it hollow in comparison to the theme-central war zone of Damnation. - Voice acting was professional and fairly close to natural. The context of the dialogues is still corny but at least it's not made up of silly one-liners.


-The story is, just like the back grounds, fan service. It takes ideas from all the games and throws them without much thought on the screen, with the ultimate goal being mindless action. -The zombies in this film are treated as sick people who kill anything not-sick. For the very first time they can be cured back to normality, although they do not bother to show the psychological scars they would have after killing so many innocents, and then being covered in their blood. Also, they have very inconsistent powers, as they can spring like crazy in one scene and stumble slowly in another. -The plot is about the straightforward revenge of a merchant, whose wedding was ruined by an assassination attempt. It doesn't have any political intrigue, or messages around terrorism and wars for natural resources. It's a huge downgrade from Damnation, but still bearable compared to the complete train wreck that was Degeneration. -The monsters were defeated too easily by the heroes, so there was never a case where you would think the heroes might not win.


Every known character from the games became a complete bad-ass who can perform improbable acrobatics and defeat a hundred opponents all alone. Everyone who is not in the games, is a complete fodder who dies after a single hit. Rebecca is treated like a damsel in distress at the hands of a sociopath, even when she is supposed to be dynamic and competent. None has depth to his personality and comes off as a one-dimensional archetype.


Despite the breath-taking visuals, I place it between Degeneration and Damnation. It is serviceable as a mindless action flick that panders the fans of the games, but has nothing interesting outside of the action.

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