Return of the Sister Street Fighter


Action / Crime

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 257

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Morally superior ... or not

So while the sister (street fighter) is still going strong (no pun intended), we give her a sidekick here (again with the puns), that is morally ambigious to say the least. The enemy of my enemy ... is my friend I guess? Who knows? The screenwriter I reckon should. But in a movie with beatings, nudity and general mayhem, is morality really that necessary? Of course it is, we want to root for good guys/gals.

But the viewers should able to forgive and forget. And the charismatic addition might just be able to pull that off. More insanity ensues, lots of murder and blood, a lot of crazy stuff happening and the sister in peril. She's quite gullible come to think of it (easy to trap her with a phone call that is). Ah well it is what it is

Reviewed by ckormos1 6 / 10

Kurata steals the show

Our girl does her forms demonstrations over the opening credits. The story starts on the streets of Hong Kong. Our girl is sent to Yokohama to investigate a person's disappearance. First, there is a street fight. On arrival in Japan there is another street fight.

These opening fights are choreographed to appear as what the audience would expect a street fight to resemble. However, most real fights end up on the ground. Ground fighting was rare to see in early 1970s movies. Otherwise the fights looked good. Another thing, if I arrived at a fight on a motorcycle I would keep my helmet on. In the movies, though, you want to show your face.

Yasuaki Kurata also appears in this movie. He seems to have replaced Sonny Chiba, He offers his service to the bad guys to kill our girl, similar to the last movie. Things get complicated and he ends up stealing the show. He was the best part of this movie.

The third of this series and it is starting to get thin. I still rate it above average for the year and genre.

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 6 / 10

The Sister Street Fighter Series:Part 3:The Return.

Reading the detailed booklet in the Blu-Ray set,I was surprised to learn that the 4th SSF flick actually had no connection to the rest of the series! This led to me getting set to meet the Sister Street Fighter for the final time.

View on the film:

High-kicking the trilogy, Arrow present a terrific transfer,with the picture having a fitting level of grain, and the chops in the soundtrack played clearly.

After crossing into Pinky Violence for the second film in the series, (also reviewed) returning director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi disappointingly pulls back for a back to basics karate final. Appearing to have a lower budget,Yamaguchi & cinematographer Masahiko Iimura make the most of smaller locations with stylish up-close camera moves giving the setting a tight, confined appearance, clotheslined in smooth panning shots fully displaying each fighting move. Joined by new co-writer Takeo Kaneko, returning Masahiro Kakefuda takes the recurring choruses of the first two flicks, and hits them with a heightened Melodrama cut, as gold smuggler's melt the stealing of a mother/daughter as a carrot to get Koryu into their den. Even when gripping material not performing roundhouse kicks, Etsuko Shihomi shines in her final turn as Koryu,bringing out a excitement in her attempt to protect the mum/daughter, and in performing deadly knock out attacks for the returning street fighter.

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