Rogue Warfare: The Hunt




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Stephen Lang as President
Will Yun Lee as Daniel
Chris Mulkey as Commander Brisco
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankie-08908 1 / 10

Low Budget Doesn't Have To Be This Bad

There are too many things wrong to list, uniforms, how weapons are held and used, dialogues it's endless. What really lets you know a lot of the negatives was from laziness is the uniforms and how the actors move, tactics. They didn't even try to get advice.

Btw, LifeLineBudgeting you're reasoning to give 6 stars is laughable and what's ruining most of Hollywood. You were so impressed solely because of diversity lol. What a joke, it matches this laughable movie.

Reviewed by catpantry 7 / 10


Colb, warms a donut with a piece of glowing metal, fresh from the wreckage. A powder room had fallen from the top of the ship and landed next to Colbs skinny boat (Colbs plan had been to be moved by the things aroud him). It was the gas engine that was keeping a green flower floating in an exact path inside the powder room. Ounce the ocean water siezed the engine, the flower immediately shot over and into Colbs mouth.

Reviewed by smilegel 3 / 10


It could've been a nice movie if not for a lot of issues. Acting is ok... Dialog is cheesy and fake no blood ever, Enemies are so dumb, in the 90s FPS games had bots on easy level smarter than what they have here Soldiers(the team) don't know how to move properly, how to engage and I am wondering if any of them ever held a gun. They moved around worse than 7 years old kids playing war. Nothing about what was shown can be anywhere real. It's LOL bad! Anything from uniform to clothing to vehicles to weapons - all wrong or fake. Could've been a comedy with a bit different dialog. Maybe if someone dub it, it could be a great comedy

The whole thing is just so fake, it makes good camera work and an ok script look bad. I mean, there is low budget and there's bad job by the directors who couldn't direct simple things.

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