Sister Street Fighter


Action / Crime

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Shin'ichi Chiba as Seiichi Hibiki
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Space_Mafune 7 / 10

Flawed But Delivers Where It Counts

A fierce female martial arts warrior named Tina Long sets out on a mission to rescue her captured brother Lee Long, an undercover agent now being held prisoner by the very drug smuggling ring he sought to bring down! Meanwhile, the head of the drug smuggling ring has assembled a menagerie of the world's greatest killers, some truly outlandish and bizarre eccentric characters, to protect himself and his interests.

This delivers the goods when it comes to fight scenes, 1970s style exploitation thrills, chase and action sequences and best of all, it takes a surprisingly cool stylish approach, like something out of a comic book splash page, when it comes to introducing its characters.

Where this falters is its mistaken over-reliance on wire stunts for the climactic showdown at the end leading to the most unbelievable and unrealistic fight sequence in the entire film. Also the characters, despite their colorful outer appearance, all remain completely one-dimensional making the film as an whole more forgettable than it might have been otherwise. All in all, this is a good albeit flawed effort.

Reviewed by wandering-star 7 / 10

"It's like a private zoo. It amuses me. It's as much fun as a carload of gorillas."

"Sister Streetfighter" is but one of Sonny Chiba's "Streetfighter" series, this time with the impossibly cute and dimpled Sue Shihomi in the starring role.

OK, I will admit, this film is technically not that great. The acting is bad, the plot cheesy, and you can drive a truck through the holes in it.

So I will admit I have a sick addiction to these types of movies, because I loved "Sister Streetfighter".

What other movie gives you a cavalcade of freak-shows like a drugpin who collects "killers" at is secluded villa, a guy who exports his heroin disguised as human wigs, a henchman named Hammerhead with a gang who wears black cone-shaped wicker baskets for helmets, a group of girl Thai kick boxers in leopard-print named the "Amazons 7", a dart-blowing freak with a weird African shield and dime-store cape... a movie where you will see an assortment of weapons including staff, forks, tonfa, nunchuku, darts... need I go on?? "Sister Streetfighter" is that, and more.

Sue Shihomi starts off the movie doing a combination of the katas "kanku dai" and "heian yodan". There is not much biographical information on her on the web but I would guess she has some formal karate training because she is executes many of her kicks well, and in one scene she executes three really nice thrust kicks (kekomi) in a row. You don't often see good technique in martial arts films. As a result the fight scenes with Shihomi in it are very good, exciting and dynamic. She shows herself skilled also at using nanchaku and the sai (forks), one of which she plant in a poor fellow's head. And Sonny Chiba steals the few scenes he is in.

The cheesiness of this movie cannot be understated. In one scene Tina Long (Shihomi) finds her way onto the evil drugpin's property. She is discovered by the henchman "Hammerhead". Suddenly and inexplicably, they are transported high atop a sea-side cliff. Then, just as suddenly, they are fighting on a suspension bridge. I mean, this is classic stuff people! Also hilarious is the person introduced as "Eva Parrish - Karate Champion of Australia" is shown doing an absolutely horrible version of the kata "tekki shodan". Then the mysterious Ms. Parrish is never seen again in the film.

Recommended with two thumbs up for fans of the genre!

Reviewed by AwesomeWolf 6 / 10


Version: Avenue One DVD. Dub only.

'Sister Street Fighter' was basically made to show much arse Etsuko Shihomi kicks. Sonny Chiba appears in this third Streetfighter installment for only 10 minutes, letting Etsuko do most of the arse-kicking.

Lee long is a martial artist who the Hong Kong police use to help stop a Japanese drug-ring importing drugs into Hong Kong. When he goes missing, its up to his sister Tina (played by Etsuko Shihomi) to go to Japan and find him. She gets help from Lee's martial arts school (which just so happens to include Sonny Chiba) to free Lee and generally kick arse.

The story is your average "relative has been kidnapped and our hero/ine must save them". But who needs a decent plot when you've got cool fight scenes, bad dubbing, and an 'interesting' array of bad dudes and dudettes (to say the least).

Avenue One re-mastered the movie for their DVD and included some special features, yet they couldn't do a subtitle job? I would have taken this movie a bit more seriously (and thus given it a higher rating) if it had been subbed, and not dubbed. Oh well, at least the dub was funny-bad.

Good action movie. 6/10. Check it out if you're a fan of Etsuko Shihomi.

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