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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rsvp321 1 / 10

Beyond bad! What's the word? *Garbage*

The main character leaves her five month old baby alone, that's burning up with a fever, so she can go out for a jog - because she's a fitness fanatic.

She's ex-military and takes self defense but can't fight to save her life.

She uses a propane torch to melt a steel padlock ha ha!

She can't even think to carry weapons on her at all times - she's locked in a huge *military equipment* factory! ha ha

The stupidity in this film will very quickly have you cheering for the bad guy - who is in some ridiculous invisibility cloak suit.

She easily could have used her military brain to set a trap to burn the guy alive, since she could see him while he was invisible if she looked through her cell phone camera.

Just so bad!

Reviewed by ekoren2000-3 1 / 10


Serious contender to the worst movie ever award

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

No Intenet Connection

Nathalie Buscombe is a single mom and ex-military who works out. She gets abducted and awakes in a military warehouse/factory and is threaten by the janitor with a personal Romulan cloaking device. She must fight the invisible man to get out and save her child.

Couldn't get into it. I think they could have made a better film with the device. Why didn't she spray the guy with paint? Silly String?

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

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