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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by radelhuley 9 / 10

Variety Grief Sashimi, Buffet Style

Highly stylized, this film explores in all stages the beautiful monster that grief can be. Every nano-second is a metaphor's metaphor, as we watch the extremely talented Virginia Gardner fight her demons in the form of saving the world-- a last quest left by her departed best friend. For some, death leaves us in an apocalyptic snowstorm, makes us cartoons, forces us to break into our dead best friend's house and fantasize that they are with us while still regretting all the things we've done while our friends stared down mortality. STARFISH is one film that memorializes one person in a hundred different ways. It captures the one hundred emotions that death leaves when it doesn't stop to give you a warning date. It is as compelling in its broken down pieces as it is fully formed, and I thank it for allowing me to grieve my lost friends by saving my own world.

Reviewed by georgedamalas 1 / 10

1/10 starfish

This movie is full of itself and is all style and no substance

Reviewed by acurttright 10 / 10

Casual movie goer can enjoy

I think the science fiction plot as a vehicle for the theme of loss makes it a movie you can find a lot of symbolism in or you can just be entertained by the action/tension. I'm certainly not a movie expert or an indie film enthusiast, I saw this movie by total chance not knowing it was an indie film and I loved it. The music is beautiful and really ties everything together. I saw the movie with a director Q&A afterwards and I was shocked it's his first movie and was such a small budget film. Watching it I assumed it was one of those movies people call "indie" but it's won a ton of awards at Sundance and will end up being a mainstream hit in a year. No it's actually an independent film made by people who'd never made a movie before and it's still totally fantastic. For me it felt so high budget because the effects and camera work was so amazing. The main actress is totally stunning. You somehow feel like you know her and care a lot about the character even though she has almost no one to interact with in the movie. I made this account just to post this review because honestly this movie is great and I just can't believe this was such a small budget film.

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