Texas Chainsaw 3D


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Alexandra Daddario as Heather Miller
Tania Raymonde as Nikki
Bill Moseley as Drayton Sawyer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greycomics-1 1 / 10

An Excess Devoid of Thought or Merit

Beyond all the pink-cheeked, bated-breath laudation that has come from critics and horror aficionados in the 38 years since the release of the original film, it's not a stretch to say that the two things that worked together so effectively in the execution of the original was the stark, naturally-lit and flat documentarian style of cinematographer Daniel Pearl and the sparse writing of Hooper and Henkel, whose utter lack of exposition lend a terrifying, claustrophobic immediacy in counterpoint to sun-baked Southern Gothic vistas, which place the viewer squarely and unremittingly in role of Hitchcock's man filming in the corner, with all of the legendary director's flinch-inducing atmospherics and not of whit of his restraint, such as it was.

With so much latitude in which to effect a direct sequel (apparently given a seal of approval by Hooper, undoubtedly for monetary incentive and despite his directing a direct sequel in 1986), with so little to hamper questions of plot or motivation, Texas Chainsaw 3D fails so completely and morosely that one might wonder for whom the film was even made, for it definitely was not for a viewer with any sense of taste or even the ability to do basic arithmetic.

It is generally understood that the events of the first film take place in 1973 or '74. Once this film left the confines of those few brief sequences which dovetail immediately from the end of original, in which a lynch mob and the most ineffectual sheriff ever are party, directly or indirectly, to picking off the entire Sawyer clan to which Leatherface is kin, and then burning the farmhouse to the ground, and a member of the mob inexplicably taking the lone babe of family home to raise as his own, we skip, by all accounts of vernacular, media, and what little of civilization we see before plunging back into the wilds of rural Texas, to be modern day; a tombstone later in the film confirms that the year is in fact 2012. From this, we must conclude one of two things: Heather Miller (the now grown-up Sawyer child from the intro, played by a disturbingly thin Alexandra Daddario) is either the youngest looking 40-year-old heroin chic store butcher (as heavy-handed a nod to the nature vs. nurture debate as I've seen in film since being lampooned in Trading Places) in the history of cinema, or people were picking up retarded hitchhikers in VW bugs while wearing bare-backed polyester fashions of the seventies sometime between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Rodney King riots. So far is this discrepancy from being explained that all reference to the date of the original film's events are limited to "August 19th" with the year consistently being deliberately obscured.

The rest of the cast is equally unremarkable in presence and abysmal in performance, from the Tonia Raymonde shedding her more tame bad-girl image from ABC's absurd Switched at Birth series to become the requisite slutty slasher-bait, inexplicably involved in a love triangle, never exposed or explained beyond its smarmy, innuendo-laced exposition, with Heather's boyfriend, played by Trey Songz, included no doubt in an attempt to add urban flair and coax minority viewers that are probably sick of seeing Caucasian kids lumber around stupidly and getting fileted in the dark woods.

The greatest disservice to the original material was the ridiculous attempt, by way of the Sawyer family slaughter at the beginning and the near single-minded thuggery of the lead vigilante, now serving as the town's mayor, to make Leatherface and company sympathetic characters, even swinging for the anti-hero fences when the bloodthirsty mayor meets his boring and contrived ending. Were the mayor and his retinue of good old boys terrible people for mowing down a slew of people and burning the house to ash with Molotov cocktails? Undoubtedly. But we should not forget those people were part of an inbred family of murdering, cannibal sadists, something that no amount of rural oppression can allow any sane person to ignore.

The film exists for the same reason that the sequel to the Blair Witch Project was released: to produce a sexualized, tangential story with hot young actors in a shameless attempt to cash in on a franchise name. At least Book of Shadows attempted a story even if it was a terrible one. Avoid this one, unless you have enough morbid fascination to see both the death of a franchise's self-respect, and one torn button-down shirt which maintained its wearer's modesty purely by proving that one of the few forces in nature greater than gravity is a non-nudity clause.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 6 / 10

Texas Chainsaw 3D: An improvement on everything that came before

Now having watched all but the most recent venture for Leatherface I can confidently say that I'm not sold on the franchise. How its become a household name I cannot figure out, I only assume its riding off the first movies controversy.

Almost 40yrs after that first movie was released TCM went 3D and delivered what I believe it be the best movie in the franchise.

Starring Alexandra Daddario, Tania Raymonde and Scott Eastwood we see a girl return home for her inheritance only to discover her origins are rooted in blood.

Though the movie doesn't bring anything new to the table it is well enough made and strengthened by a mostly decent cast.

Alas however this is not a sequel and yet another much not needed reboot so expect more origins and less continuation of the Sawyer legacy.

Expectedly gory, mostly well acted and interesting enough to keep my attention this has shown that the TCM franchise has potential but just fails to capitalise.

The Good:

Decent cast

The Bad:

It's still a reboot

Something about this Leatherface felt off

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Tania Raymonde's character will have got a lot of tips at the store

Raymonde & Daddario together in a film was too much distraction for my simple mind to handle

Tania Raymonde's character contains enough blood to fill the grand canyon and doesn't require it to operate

Rule 1 of a TCM movie, don't trust anyone

Scott Eastwood is just terrible, I mean seriously the guy never improves

Daddario would make a great villain

Reviewed by MaximumMadness 1 / 10

"Texas Chainsaw 3D"- Absolutely insulting...

You know... there's varying levels of the concept of 'bad.' There's just plain-old bad. There's enjoyably bad. There's unintentionally bad. All sorts of different ways that simple, three-letter word can be used to give meaning to something. But then there's a film like "Texas Chainsaw 3D", a 2013 semi-sequel that seeks to continue the story right where the original Tobe Hooper masterpiece left off. It had potential. It really did. It boasted a high-concept story. It sought to connect itself to the iconic first film. It held the promise of top-notch modern day effects. It had so much going for it. And how did it end up? It ended up a very special type of that delightful term 'bad.' The type of 'bad' that's almost indescribable. Unforgivable, even. And most certainly unforgettable. "Texas Chainsaw 3D" emerges as not only indisputably the worst film of the franchise... but also indisputably one of the worst mainstream horror movies of all time. Yes. It is indeed THAT type of 'bad.'

Days after the events of the original massacre, the dreaded Sawyer family is all but completely wiped out in an act of vigilante justice, with seemingly the only survivor being a now-orphaned infant. Adopted by the same men who killed her family, decades later in the present day, the child- now named Heather (Alexandra Daddario)- has grown up and learns that she was adopted. What makes it all the more confusing is that despite the fact she should be in her 40's by this point, she's very clearly in her early 20's and acts as such. Which is just one of literally dozens of glaring plot-holes. But I digress... Heading out to Texas with a group of friends upon learning of her biological grandmother's supposed death, Heather is eventually confronted by her deadly past and encounters her relative 'Leatherface'- who begins to pick them off one-by-one. However, a series of troubling events will make Heather question her allegiances and motivations, as she is pulled between her current life and the call of her true lineage...

Oh, boy...

To get it out of the way, it's almost impossible to view this film without picking up on the unending plethora of errors, mistakes and general displays of incompetence that pop up in virtually every single scene. From the mind-numbing timeline issue of having the modern-day protagonist being in her 20's despite having been born in the early 1970's... to laughably inept digital effects that look like they were ripped from a 1993 TV-movie... to the fact that the opening sequence actually paints the evil cannibal Sawyer clan as innocent victims of rednecks gone rogue... every since facet of "Texas Chainsaw 3D" is frankly devastatingly poorly conceived and handled. It's beyond hack-filmmaking in its execution. It's something else entirely. Something far worse. I genuinely do not know what was going through director John Luessenhop's head during production. How could he knowingly make something so fundamentally and insultingly broken without realizing it? Does he really have so little respect for his audience that he thinks we can't even do simple math?

Even beyond these unforgivable mistakes, the rest of the film is a complete and utter failure. Not a single darned thing works. Visually, the film is uninspired and drab, with flat lighting and poorly framed shots that don't inspire tension or even really flow well outside of one or two early sequences. And it's made all the worse by the over-gimmicky 3D that intrudes repeatedly throughout the film at an inconsistent pace. It's like they forgot the film was supposed to be in 3D, so they jarringly added a few random effects in here and there that instantly take you out of the movie because they clash with everything else. Again... beyond hack in its execution. The script by a small army of writers is a bland mish-mash of every cliché in the book, and filled to burst with nonsensical inconsistencies and insane contrivances that aim to raise the bar on the series... but only succeed in tanking it over and over again.

The cast is just ridiculous. The women are all over-sexualized and completely vapid thanks to the awful writing, and the actresses assembled seem completely inorganic in the roles. Lead Daddario in particular being woefully bad, inducing far too many uncomfortable cringes in the audience as she stumbles through the film. She's looks like an uncomfortable child in a school play. And Tania Raymonde is too far over-the-top as Heather's slinky friend Nikki, and quickly grates the nerves within seconds of appearing. Not that the men fare any better at all- mainly serving as either cheap eye-candy or blatant storytelling devices. Trey Songz falls completely flat as Heather's boyfriend in a one-note performance that shows the dangers of stunt-casting semi-popular singers in film roles. Paul Rae is unintentionally hilarious as a conniving mayor who pops up now and again. And for the love of god... can we please stop trying to make Scott Eastwood a thing?

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" is a cynical piece of trash from a cynical filmmaker who clearly does not care one bit that he's tanking horror royalty. There's no other way to say it. It's amongst the worst horror films I've ever seen and it insults the audience again and again, all while destroying the integrity of that classic original film. It's a 1 out of 10. Avoid like the freaking plague.

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