The Eiger Sanction


Action / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 69%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 16630

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Clint Eastwood as Jonathan Hemlock
George Kennedy as Ben Bowman
Vonetta McGee as Jemima Brown
Thayer David as Dragon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Roode 7 / 10

Great climbing sequences make this hidden gem worth watching!

Clint Eastwood stars as a former government assassin turned art teacher who is blackmailed into coming out of his retirement to pull off a difficult last job. A former colleague has been murdered. Eastwood will climb the Eiger face and kill the assassin along the way. The only problem is he isn't sure which of the three other climbers is his target.

'The Eiger Sanction' is very much a product of the 1970's, and comes from a difficult grey area of Eastwood's career. He was transitioning between Westerns and Dirty Harry and films like 'The Eiger Sanction' got lost in the mix. On the surface the film is a spy thriller, or a gorgeously shot mountain climbing/survival film. I think it doesn't get enough credit for being very tongue in cheek. It gently pokes fun at both Eastwood and 70's action movies -- Clint giving a female student a playful pat on the rump, the foxy brown flight attendant/girlfriend, and of course "damn that Brando" when Clint's Native American trainer pushes him too hard. Throw in the promiscuity and the way homosexuality is dealt with (rival gay hit-man with the little dog) and the film runs pretty nicely as a satire.

'The Eiger Sanction' is really about the third act though where the climbing takes place. Brilliantly photographed, I didn't find much not to enjoy about this film. Quite possibly the best climbing film that I've ever seen and it is certainly superior to things like 'Cliff Hanger' or 'Vertical Limit' -- which owe a great deal to 'The Eiger Sanction.' Clint Eastwood has acted in better movies and he's directed better movies. That said, this one is an unpolished gem and worth taking a look at if the opportunity arises.

Reviewed by grantss 5 / 10

Scenic and action-filled but poorly written and hammily acted

Dr. Jonathan Hemlock is a professor of art, a highly skilled mountain climber and a former assassin for the US government. He is lured out of retirement when a former colleague is murdered. The targets: the men who killed his friend. One catch: killing one of them will require him to climb his nemesis, the mountain that he has twice failed to scale: the Eiger.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, scenic and action-filled but poorly written and hammily acted. Clumsy script with contrived plot developments, one-dimensional characters and dialogue that is ridiculous at times. Had a few moments when I thought "Did they just say that?". Yes, things were different 40+ years ago but some of the dialogue would have been pretty odd even for the 70s.

Going with the one-dimensional characters, some pretty hammy acting. Even Clint Eastwood seems quite unconvincing. He can't blame the director - he was directing himself!

This all said, the clumsiness and weakness of script mostly occurs in the first half of the movie - it gets better as it goes along. The cinematography is good, with some great Alpine scenes. Despite the generally badly-written dialogue, there are some good one-liners in there too.

Overall, beneath Eastwood's abilities as both director and actor and not worth watching.

Reviewed by Yarton Cajos 3 / 10


Weak dialog, pathetic acting, and a plot that has more holes in it than Swiss cheese. I guess this used to pass for an acceptable adventure movie in the 70's, but is laughable today. The only exciting and memorable parts are the actual mountain climbing. It looks very dangerous, until you remember that there's a whole film crew up there with them without all the fancy paraphernalia.

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