The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 273076


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Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
Jena Malone as Johanna Mason
Natalie Dormer as Cressida
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wolfgang 3 / 10

Unnecessary & Draggy Zombie-Wanna-Be Movie

I just don't understand why they did it like this. It's like nothing is here, nothing, nothing but a terrible unbearable torture 80% of the movie. I didn't get it why Peeta must be there at all, and the hell are they doing, and suddenly it becomes a zombie or alike movie where the characters die one by one.

And suddenly there's twist that's also not very twisted, and everyone is like losing their own characters. This is so stupid, they should just combine it into one movie. Everything in this movie is not neccessary and too draggy (yes, it's like they keep repeating the same thing over and over again like the audience don't get it), and the relationship between Peeta and Katniss? It just portrayed really bizzarely.

It's so empty, I couldn't empath a bit from the perspectives of the characters. It all went down after Catching Fire, they said. Well, I still give Mockingjay part 1 8 stars, it gives emotional waves throughout the movie, but this?

No. No. No. This is a big mistake. It just makes everything about Hunger Games goes unappreciated. I give this 3 stars, but actually for the fun ride for those 3 previous movies. This one. None. Not even Jeniffer Lawrence or Julliane Moore could save it.

Reviewed by dierregi 1 / 10

Key events taking place off screen make for an awfully boring, bloated story

I watched the first two installments of HG during a long flight. They were OK as light entertainment even for somebody like me, outside the target audience. Obviously I did not read the novel (nor have I any interest in reading it) but I just wanted to see how the story ends.

Both Mockingjay parts were on TV lately. Predictably, they provided the awful ending of yet another trilogy, (stretched into four movies, for monetary reasons). This movie was particularly bad for the awful script that skipped all the dramatic key moments in favor of padding with fight, explosions and CGI.

Katniss is in a resistance team known as the Star Squad, composed of Gale, Peeta and other disposable members. She secretly plans to kill evil president Sow, thus dragging her team into the most dangerous zone of the Capitol and getting almost everybody killed.

Three quarters of this very long movie are just Kat and team fighting and slowly advancing in the city. Some team members die, more fighting and more casualties etc... Finally, Kat gets close enough to Snow's palace and her plan is just walking in with other refugees, wearing no disguise whatsoever - brilliant!

However, the palace gets bombed and Kat knocked out, just after having caught a glimpse of her sister. When Kat wakes up the was is over and the sister is dead. So the two most important events of the movie take place off screen, while the time on screen is filled by silly fighting....

After a minute of conversation with Snow, held captive before his execution, Kat is convinced that president Coin is corrupted and must be eliminated, which she does. She moves back to her District with Peeta, they have children and live happily ever after - because Gale knew that the bombing was planned by Coin, so he was also evil, or something to that effect. Even the "triangle" part of the plot was disposed off with a line of dialogue and 20 second on screen...

Reviewed by yomammapro 3 / 10


Great casting but you just have you go about the whole movie killing off the characters until there are only a few left. Why? What's wrong couldn't afford to keep the actors? Maybe you should have got rid of the coffee machine in the staff room instead! Making Peeta go insane made me dislike him as a character. I thought he was going to jump up and attack Katniss every few scenes! Prim should not have died. Finick should not have died, and in the scene that he died you were trying to create tension? You could have created enough of that if it was a close call! And besides them all DYING there were several mistakes through the movie too! This movie was basically crap apart from the last five minuets!

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