The International


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 59%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 6.5 10 87320


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Ben Whishaw as Rene Antall
Naomi Watts as Eleanor Whitman
Clive Owen as Louis Salinger
Luca Calvani as Enzo Calvini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by petsteph1 8 / 10

Excellent thriller

No complaints at all about this gripping movie. The plot is original compared to the usual cops versus bad guys trash that often gets pumped out. The story centers around an international bank that makes its profits by supplying weapons to combatants in the various conflicts that cover the planet. Clive Owen is an Interpol guy trying to bring the bank down. The script is excellent, the acting is very good and the photography is above par for this kind of film. Excellent direction. This movie doesn't try too hard, is free of the clich├ęs that often serve instead of fresh ideas and has a great shoot-out where the surprises and action keep you on the edge of your seat without trying to overwhelm with gore and jerky camera work.

Go see it, you'll enjoy it.

Reviewed by Prismark10 5 / 10

Quantum of finance

The International stars Clive Owen as Louis Salinger, an Interpol agent with a chequered past who investigates a powerful private bank that plays a sinister role in the sale of illegal arms, money laundering and even destabilising governments. A bank that is so powerful it will kill anyone that will get in its way or even threatens to be a liability.

Salinger is assisted by Manhattan assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts). Together they globe-trot looking for evidence to take down this powerful organisation while their bosses pile pressure on them to shut their investigation down.

It is a solid but lukewarm thriller which should had powerful things to say about the dog eat dog arena of global finance and destabilisation of developing countries but then realises it needs some action scenes, the best of which is the shootout at the Guggenheim museum in New York.

The trouble is the fox was shot a few months earlier with the release of the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace which also dealt with a shadowy organisation. In fact both movies have a fixer called Mr White.

On its own it is not a bad thriller, it is helped by its multi location shooting but apart from the Guggenheim scenes it is never going to be memorable.

Reviewed by ronnietg 7 / 10

The International

The genres for the International are: Thriller/Crime/Drama. From the get go, this is not a Drama, which emphasizes the internal, intimate moral decisions of the Hero. Yes, the story contained Drama elements, but it was not the genre of Drama. The designing principle that is the key to the heart of the story is defined in the Tag Line: "Sometimes a man can meet his destiny on the road he took to find it." Revenge is not sweet, nor does it make a problem go away, as the Opponent so rightly states to the Hero. The Hero must deal with his Desire/Goal for revenge throughout the story. But the true spine of the story is encased in the genres of Thriller/Crime. We see the crime committed in the first 10 minutes of the story, and as an Inciting Incident, it serves to suck the Hero into action that will change his life forever. What could have been a story with intense Narrative Drive was lost because the screenplay writer decided to give this story a branching form, which took the audience off the Drive/Goal of the Hero. The blond, attractive D.A. was an add-on because as it was written, the Opponent did not try to block her from achieving the Goal. The bank/Main Opponent went after other players instead of going after the Hero and the D.A. By branching out this way and having the bank knock off obstacles INSTEAD of having the bank focus on knocking off the Hero and the D.A., her role was a waste AND the Narrative Drive slowed down. For the Thriller/Crime genre, the spine of the story must have intense Narrative Drive. When there are these two genres, the writer must make the decision as to which genre takes precedence for the spine. In the case of this story, the bank is knocking off opponents left and right - The bank should have been after the Hero and the D.A. This would have provided that punch-counter-punch that was lacking in the story. Also, the Hero and the D.A. would have been on the run while being pursued - which ups the Narrative Drive in this genre. The character of one of the Opponents is used as a mouthpiece for the writer's ideology - This is a no-no in story telling. The character loses his believability in the story and the message in his dialogue comes off as preachy. He's a Communist and goes on about the good and bad points of this ideology. The Hero also mouths very predictable ideology on Communism, which takes the story completely off the Narrative Drive because it really has nothing to do with the Hero's Desire/Goal. The Desire/Goal must be clear; must be one main Desire/Goal; the Hero must be passionate about achieving it. So this speech could have been edited out. The assassin was also a contrivance and part of the branching story line that detracted from the main story line of Thriller genre, which should have had a linear shape to it. The assassin could have been written into the story with a connection to the Hero in some way, which would have upped the ante for the Narrative Drive. The international locations were awesome, but again, the story went off the Narrative Drive by getting into the African nations issues and the Israeli/Arab issues, which should have been a montage or edited out because it slowed the Drive down. Cross-cut between various players associated with the bank would have increased the Narrative Drive in this genre - This would have given the blond D.A. a more intensive role instead of her having a car accident in the middle of the action to get her out of the action for a while, a contrivance again. In summary, the story premise was high-concept, the acting and directing were stellar, but the script was highly lacking key ingredients - Had these flaws been dealt with, the film could have been as high energy as the Bourne series, yet with a decidedly sophisticated high finance angle that could have also capitalized on the exotic settings and cultures of the the story world where the Hero is fighting to come to grips with his main Desire/Goal. The film could have been a 10 had the script flaws been corrected.

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