The Last Boy


Drama / Sci-Fi

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Luke Goss as Jay
Peter Guinness as Priest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chamila-963-333835 7 / 10

Director has to explain scientific phenomena in next movie

Good movie and new concept as a Sci-Fi movie.Seems like there is a part 2 of this. However, this movie belongs to Sci-Fi category the director has to explain about the scientific phenomena behind the scene. Otherwise I will give 0 points to this movie because it should be belongs to fantasy.

Reviewed by johnwalker-62283 8 / 10

A family friendly post apocalyptic movie

I enjoyed the film. There were some moments where it missed the mark but overall it is kind of fasinating. I only thought afterwards that there was nothing in it that wasn't okay for for our kids to watch. We have a seven and eight year old. Can't think of another post apocalyptic film that you can watch with young children and they were mesmerised! Word of warning though expect never ending questions most of which you won't be able to answer. I ended up putting the movie on again for them and managed to get an hour and a half of peace and quiet before it all started again. There are a few moments which I would advise parents of very young children to be around for - when the wind attacks the priest was a little scary for them but only the first time. They did get upset as well but only when a certain something happens to a certain someone. But all smiles again at the end. I would expect this kind of film to come from a studio like Disney. For some reason it reminded me of the eighties science fiction film The Black Hole. No idea why. Anyway, they're both watching it again and my wife has been tasked with searching for a rucksack like Lillys for our daughter. I give it an 8.

Reviewed by melaniehewitt75 10 / 10

In a category all by itself

This film doesn't hit you over the head with million-dollar special effects. It doesn't contain action scenes every two seconds for the easily distracted. It just rips your heart out, and makes you think long after the movie is over. It is about isolation, alienation, lost causes, and the inevitable future. In short, it is a genuine science fiction film, not a gunfight covered with techno-glitz and special effects calling itself science fiction. The essence of science fiction is about what could happen, and is happening, and by the end of the film we have the disturbing feeling that it is a prediction of a future that might happen.

The feelings of sadness and hope this film evokes are inextricably linked in this film, right up until the end. If you rent this movie, you will be haunted by its images long after you have forgotten other films.

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