The Normal Heart


Action / Biography / Drama / History / Romance

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Finn Wittrock as Albert
Julia Roberts as Dr. Emma Brookner
Mark Ruffalo as Ned Weeks
Matt Bomer as Felix Turner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jay Lovejoy 10 / 10

great film definitely recommend

This is an amazing film, about a topic generally not discussed openly. The cast really did this justice. they really brought the film to life. I totally recommend this movie to everyone. This is about a piece of history that is crucial to the future. This movie brought to light parts of history that some people know nothing about and gives some background knowledge on the Aids epidemic. If you enjoyed this film i recommend you try 'And The Band Played On' from 1993 and 'How To Survive A Plague' from 2012 The musical 'Rent' also briefly touches on the topic. With a great director and an amazing cast and an even better story and message this movie is a must see.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 8 / 10

This battle had many soldiers who died but continued to fight in spirit from beyond.

Fire Island was a free zone for the gay community for sex, drugs and disco, and continues to remain as a memorial to all who lost their life due to the AIDS virus. Back before it was known as HIV, "the gay cancer" brutally murdered innocent young men who only knew about sexually transmitted diseases discussed in their high school health classes, and many of them were barely in college, let alone grown up. Along with "And the Band Played On", this drama about the early years takes an unflinching, unapologetic look at those early years. Featuring Julia Roberts as a wheelchair bound doctor fighting to discover what is killing gay men, this also casts many actors, best known for their stage roles, a few who have moved onto the big or small screens, but put their hearts in contributing to this outstanding film version of the controversial play.

Fighting against the bigotry and often closeted politicians of the early 198O's, this doesn't shirk in exposing the sexual freedoms of the times, featuring complete male nudity and obvious simulated sex that was obviously unsafe. This dramatizes the issues within the gay community itself as well as understandable prejudices that plagued them through heterosexual fear and even social outcasts within the community itself. Some of the gay men are presented as bitchy or overly effeminate, but that doesn't dilute the impact of their suffering. With an allegedly gay New York mayor and a president who had gay friends yet did nothing to solve this crisis, AIDS had no reason to infect as many people straight or gay, as long as it did.

A scene in a disco where a fund-raiser is going on really hits the emotional cord by showing the determined ailing men covered in Kaposi's blotches, unable to dance to "I Will Survive" yet determined to go on as long as they can, even if it's just another couple of hours. Ghostly visions, pleading for one last moment with their beloved pet and pleading with family members for acceptance and compassion are dramatized with a plainly made up Roberts tough but filled with compassion. Young lovers watching their partner suffer and ultimately pass on. Sharing those few moments they have left, yet paranoid over being abandoned. This shows it all. Superb makeup artistry shows the deterioration of healthy, handsome men who turn into barely walking skeletons.

Among the superb cast are Jim Parsons who makes a funeral speech that sums it up for hundreds of thousands, Danielle Ferland as a woman volunteer at the gay men's health crisis who lost her best friend just hours before, Alfred Molina as an attorney who promises to help his gay brother yet is filled with prejudices and fears that he can't escape from. One truly haunting moment shows a mother's reaction to her son's death, something I had to see at several memorial services

For those of us old enough to remember this era and still suffering from the memory of losing a loved one, we sit nearby those empty chairs at empty tables, grateful to be alive yet longing to once again hug those we loved and lost. I came out after seeing the early AIDS drama "Parting Glances" and dealt with my share of loss with friends and lovers, some whose deaths I only found out about recently. 35 years later, I find that I am out of tears. Fortunately, that number is decreasing, but this shows some of the horrific experience experiences that the world suffered through. At times hard to take, like "Schindler's List", this shows what we must not go through again.

Reviewed by simon-psykolog 3 / 10

Bravery over stupidity.

It is impossible to depict a historical event like this, where homosexuals rights where so ignored, in a more balanced view. No guilt can be divided. We know that society did not live up to it's responsibility and reacted too slowly as the virus spread and that this showed an underlying aversion against gay people. Many died an unnecessary and painful death.

Ned (Mark Ruffalo) fights his cause against AIDS and in doing so is confronted with one idiot after another throughout two whole hours. He does so screaming, shouting, crying and begging to a point where I lost my interest. Representants from the government etc. are stereotyped big clowns and fifteen minutes into the movie you have figured this out. There are those that don't have the guts to fight, those who are indifferent and those who think that gay people are getting what they deserve.

Don't get me wrong. My sympathy is undivided but I would have loved to become more challenged or shown some aspects of this period that I didn't know of watching the movie.

To spice the story up you have the tragic love story and a heroic Julia Roberts in a wheelchair fighting side by side with our minority group.


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