The Omen


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 26%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 55145

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Liev Schreiber as Robert Thorn
Julia Stiles as Katherine Thorn
Michael Gambon as Bugenhagen
David Thewlis as Keith Jennings
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Piero-the-christian-loser 3 / 10

The World needs remakes like...

Wal-Mart needs more ugly people roaming around on-premises.

What is the point of these stupid remakes that are a pale shadow of their originals?

Why does the nany jump on the back of the father instead of hitting him or stabbing him??


Reviewed by Superunknovvn 7 / 10

Just made me love the original more

"The Omen" is one of those movies that still hold up so well, there's really no need to remake them. The date of June 6th 2006 was probably the most tempting thing for producers to release a new version of this film now.

Well, you can't say they did a bad job. This year's "The Omen" is solid as a rock and very faithful to the original. So faithful in fact, that one has to wonder what the whole point of it is.

Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles are an odd choice for the leading couple but they're both okay in their respective roles. The direction is just okay, too, but you gotta be thankful that no cheap scares (or not too many of them) were thrown in to keep viewers interested. On the other hand, it must be said that the movie is a bit slow at the beginning, especially if you already know the plot. Opinions will differ on how well recent events such as 9/11, the tsunami in Sri Lanka or the death of Pope John Paul II. were integrated into the story, but that's not really a major issue. The few changes John Moore made involve a different way of dying for one character and two or three rather effective dream sequences (the last one sticks out - it's a sequence of really creepy images without any sound effects at all, probably my favorite moment of the whole movie). Also watch out for a nice reference to "Don't Look Now".

The most interesting thing, however, is the complete absence of the infamous choral score that made the original so scary. God knows why it's not here, it sure wouldn't have seem dated.

If I realized anything watching this movie it's how amazing the script was in the first place. It builds up perfectly, it's thrilling as hell (excuse the pun) and there are no plot holes to be found. This is why "The Omen" still works greatly and will hopefully be enjoyed by a lot of young people who haven't seen the original. For everyone else there's no reason to spend money on a movie we have already seen in a superior version.

Reviewed by sharkey197 2 / 10

Save your money--rent the original

I wanted to like this remake. I really did. But I can't and the reasons--like Satan--are Legion.

You never realize how important good movie music is until you can compare two films with similar stories and different scores and realize that the original gave you such creepy, stunning music that what is in the remake can never compare. Sorry, but it just can't. If they copied so much else from the original, why not the score? It was vital.

Liev and Julie are just not interesting enough or grounded enough to be able to root for. And who cares that there are allusions to their marriage being a little rocky? Hello! We don't care about that! We want to know about the AntiChrist Kid you adopted, so don't get off on side issues that don't advance this plot.

And what's with having the priest actually say "his mother was a jackal" right at the beginning of the film???? That was one of the best suspense builders in the original. Was it because they didn't think we would understand what a jackal was? The worst was Liev giving him a serious look, as if to say, "hmm, must take this under advisement." And the decapitation of the reporter was BETTER in the original. It was done from the side, in slow-motion, and then the head rolled and landed at Gregory Peck's feet, a chilling sequence which we knew was coming and they built up to it with agonizing slowness. The new one had more blood, but no horror. It was cheesy, instead of scary.

And please--this little kid, who everyone said was so much better than the original acted the part as if he had a sign in neon on his forehead saying, "Hi, I'm the AntiChrist Kid!" Talk about telegraphing.

All in all, this remake was pointless. Maybe the devil can't scare us that much anymore, but the next time I see a remake, I will certainly run for the hills.

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