The Queen's Corgi


Animation / Comedy / Family

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Julie Walters as The Queen
Ray Winstone as Tyson
Sheridan Smith as Wanda
Matt Lucas as Charlie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grantrs 1 / 10


I don't normally comment on films but after putting this on for the children it didn't take long to realise this film is not for children. It's also not for adults either as it holds no entertainment value whatsoever. Therefore this film is a definite avoid!

Reviewed by antony-69 1 / 10

Worst children's film ever made

It only gets 1 star because I can't five it a lower score than that!

I have no idea why any actor would put their name to this.

Good children's films entertain children whilst adding in a modicum of humour for the parents to smirk at. This film simply contains adult humour that is inappropriate. Melania Trump talking about the size of Donald Trump's baby-maker is not child friendly in the slightest. What makes it worse, is that it's not funny, at all.

Reviewed by euromaster1984 2 / 10

Save money

Just went to this movie today, but the first 10 min didn't caught me. The storyline sucked and jokes for the adults are bad. My son wanted to sleep because he got bored. Never had this with a movie in a loooong time.

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