The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lynn_melanie 9 / 10

Film is highly recommended to watch with the whole family!

Awesome cartoon! Suddenly it was pretty funny. The humor fits well into the narrative and those 80 minutes that lasts the "Snow Queen 3" for small viewers and their parents pass very quickly. And now a few details: Animation is great. Exactly the same as seen in the first two parts. Interesting songs exactly the final one.

The characters are the same, but a little older. Heroes involuntarily cling to a history in search of simple family happiness where they have to cope even with the evil from the outside, rather than with their own vices and fears. Children watch the cartoon with undisguised interest and quite sincerely empathize with the heroes. Gerda and her new friend Roland acquire new super powers of fire and ice that change heroes from inside. Confrontation of two desires to become strong or remain kind. What will the children choose: good or strength - we learn only in the final! The third part of the "Snow Queen" unlike the previous two surprised a beautiful, truly happy ending which I know, will appeal to many viewers. With this the whole trilogy "Snow Queen" is perceived as a single, conscious and complete work. I recommend it for both adults and children! Looking forward the Snow Queen 4!

Reviewed by bobby-maddox 9 / 10

Deserve your attention

With Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice Wizart Animation joins Disney Studios in rejecting scenario, where love saves the day. Gerda and Kai come from a tale by Hans Christian Andersen and the action takes place in the land of the trolls. Wizart Animation aims for the international market and Snow Queen 3 was released in many countries included Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. The film delivers what might be called universal messages. Furthermore, Snow Queen 3 is fully in line with the Disney wholesomeness approach to filmmaking. This film does have its merits! It is strikingly beautiful. The Snow Queen is made in 3-D and it is gorgeous. The fire scenes are especially effective. Rollan with his burning hair and glowing suit is striking, as is Lake Gao, the forbidden lake of fire which Gerda and Rollan must cross. The fire-tossing scenes are vivid as are the scenes where Gerda makes ice formations. Film is highly recommended to watch with the whole family! Everybody finds something interesting in it!

Reviewed by Charlotte Shornalee Giibson 8 / 10



It's really funny how someone can comment on how bad a movie is, yet most probably couldn't film one to save their lives.I would personally disregard any negative review about this movie. I quite enjoyed the animation as much as some of the story line could have been more intense or detailed. This sequel had a few comparisons to the Disney movie, Frozen but as I previously stated the story line could have been handled a little bit better and some of the animations could have been a little bit tidier. Aside from all of that, the movie is quite captivating.

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