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Dakota Johnson as Carrie
Armie Hammer as Will
Karl Glusman as Jeffrey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by parker_452 1 / 10

Drunk aggro guy tries to cheat on his girlfriend while being haunted by a vaguely defined evil entity and there's cockroaches

I have provided a more accurate title for this terrible film.

Reviewed by chazzatl73 1 / 10

Horrible Movie!

I thought with this cast, this would be a great horror movie. Instead it's a literally wound to your life and time.

The storyline is so jumbled and a mess, not even Armie can save it. We honestly have no clue about the plot except there was some kind of ritual.

There was no explanation of why Rick was the portal for whatever came out of him at the end; we could barely see it because of the stupid CGI cockroaches covering the screen at the end.

No explanation why Armie's character was chose and no reason why Carrie was the only one affected by the internet tunnel of hell..I suppose?

And finally, what was the purpose of the college kids? To drop the phone and send messages with ZERO context?

When you do realize that the ritual was performed based on some books, you are never told what happened and why it happened.

This movie is garbage.

Reviewed by zdog-36810 1 / 10


Had no clue what was going on throughout the whole film and the characters were so boring. The only reason I watched until the end was in hopes of finding out what it was all about- but nope didnt happen.

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