Year of the Comet


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1475

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Tim Daly as Oliver Plexico
Penelope Ann Miller as Margaret Harwood
Ian McNeice as Ian
Louis Jourdan as Philippe
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jac_mc 8 / 10

A film not to be taken seriously and for those with a good sense of humour

I thought it was a light hearted comedy, made me laugh.

It was just full of fun and entertainment.

The actors roles also poked a little fun at the nationality of all involved in this escapade as well as trying their hand at a Scottish or English accent was amusing.

It did show just how beautiful Scotland can be even when a helicopter lands on a croft scaring the poor farmers sheep! Taking us on a tour trying to catch up with the crooks who were always bungling everything they tried to was also funny.

Its a film that if you need to laugh or feel good, its one that will work for most people.

Reviewed by Wampusdude 8 / 10

A wonderfully nice "inside" movie of the word of oenology

The movie revolves around Penelope Ann Miller's character discovering, first a hidden wine cellar at a castle she's sent to catalog for her father's auction house.

Then she found a case holding a very large bottle...possibly Balthazar or even Nebudchannazer, of a 1811 Ch. Lafite...from a Year of the Comet, a vintage much more successful than the later 1887 Year of the Comet. Haley's, that is.

The movie becomes a romantic adventure-comedy, with Tim Daly pulling the Hero parts off. Louis Jourdan has the role of Mad Scientist, which he'd become excellent at :)

The huge surprise comes at the end, when the bottle is auctioned off and a surprise bidder buys it. And THEN shocks EVERYONE in the auction room by OPENING it. And selling glasses for, I think, ten-thousand dollars a glass, made out to a favorite charity.

Daly and Miller of course become an item.

This movie is beloved of wine geeks, like me. My nick in other worlds is the Winestone Cowboy (VBG)

Reviewed by DeuceWild_77 7 / 10

Uncommitted direction by Peter Yates, but with lots of charm and old fashioned bravura !!

Lighthearted romantic comedy / adventure film that pays homage to the genre's classics from Hollywood Golden Era, in the vein of the resurgence of this kind of films in the 80's such as "High Road to China" ('83), "Romancing the Stone" ('84) and similar in tone to "American Dreamer" (also from '84) and "Miracles" ('86) with elements of a thriller, but in an uncommitted & unpretentious way, thrown into it.

The locations were very well spotted, from Scotland's Highlands to French Riviera, with veteran Peter Yates (the man behind such cult movies as "Bullitt" or "The Dresser") on the helm, offering a laid-back direction just for the fun of it, based on an original story by screenwriter William Goldman (who penned more 'serious' & intricate scripts like "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" or "Marathon Man"), both doing a movie about one of their favorite things in life: red wine.

Penelope Ann Miller, then a rising star, fresh from her co-starring roles in "The Freshman", "Awakenings", "Kindergarten Cop" and "Other People's Money" got her first leading role here as the mousy Margaret Harwood, the daughter of a posh wine merchant, Sir Mason Harwood (Ian Richardson), that discovers a rare bottle of wine, a vintage 1811 (sealed in the year of the comet) bearing a Napoleon's seal, in the cellar of an old Scottish Manor. This valuable antique is sold to a millionaire who sends his friend, Oliver Plexico (Tim Daly) to retrieve the bottle, but there are a bunch of unscrupulous competitors who want this find for themselves. Together, Margaret and Oliver will live the adventure of their lives, finding love along the way...

"Year of the Comet" is a harmless piece of escapism, nice to watch on a typical lazy Sunday afternoon: the characters are charming and interesting to follow; the plot is way too cartoon-ish to be believed, but applying the suspension of disbelief it works almost like a spoof of the genre, grabbing a less demanding audience and providing them a good way to spend a hour and a half.

Penelope Ann Miller and Tim Daly (sporting a sort of Tom Selleck's mustache) gave the best on their performances, the two have chemistry together and they delivered the goods with the heart on the material, unfortunately the critical and Box Office failure, killed their careers as leading performers. Miller still had the chance to work in the high profile, Brian De Palma's "Carlito's Way" (which got her some critical praise and was nominated for a Golden Globe), but after she has disclosed about her affair with the co-star and then a married man, Al Pacino, her career stalled and Tim Daly plans to aspire as a virile / charming leading star like Michael Douglas, went down the toilet, too. The classic french leading star, Louis Jourdan gives here his last breath on-screen, after more than 50 years of hard work in the business, offering a funny, witty and over-the-top performance as the stylish villain, a mix of his roles as the James Bond's nemesis in "Octopussy" and the evil Doctor Anton Arcane in "Swamp Thing" and its sequel.

In short, "Year of the Comet" was unfairly bashed when it was released, even if it isn't a great movie, it deserved better fate. Maybe if it was produced in the 80's, could have found an audience, but by 1992, the movie-goers were over-saturated of this peculiar genre and moved on to a more darker films...

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