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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 4089

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Lance Henriksen as Ziegler Dane
Jeffrey Combs as Clerk
Paul Gleason as Sheriff Halderman
Matt McCoy as Preston Rogers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scarecrow-88 6 / 10


"I'm gonna need a bigger knife."

The Flatwoods Sasquatch terrorizes victims within the vicinity of his cavernous dwelling.

Wheel-chair bound cripple, Preston Rogers(Matt McCoy), still recovering psychologically from a tragic fall from nearby Suicide Rock which took the life of his wife, finds himself in quite the dilemma. Despite his wishes against returning to the cabin he shared with his wife, both rock-climbing experts who scaled Suicide Rock often, Preston is forced, thanks to his doctor who has assigned a smart-ass orderly Otis(Christien Tinsley, who imbues his character with a smarmy attitude)over his care, to confront what ails him. Instead, Preston helplessly watches as the rotund furry beast attacks a female group gathering together, across the way in another cabin, for a bachelorette party. Attempts at getting the police(..and Otis) to help fails because no one believes such a wild story as a Sasquatch on a violent rampage. Somehow, Preston will have to take matters into his own hands..but, how can he? And, what if the Sasquatch comes after him? How will he defend himself when he's limited by his disability? And, how can a wheel-chair bound cripple ever help others in need?

REAR WINDOW is mined yet again for inspiration, but I felt the story-line was effective..I thought there were some suspenseful moments thanks to the benefits of having a crippled hero, limited in ways he can help those in trouble due to his lack of mobility. Through Preston, we're helpless on-lookers towards those who are assaulted by the Sasquatch. The unrealistic Sasquatch, which looks like a costumed beast, can either be a liability or a gas depending on your mood. There's a sense of fun at work here if you can look past the limited resources director Ryan Schifrin has..he delivers an entertaining little creature feature with plenty of gory carnage to satisfy gore-hounds. One victim's body is pulled through a small window, from the waste snapping her frame in two. One female victim is crushed under-foot by the Sasquatch. Another's face is completely eaten off. You get to see Tiffany Shepis completely nude, taking a shower. Recognizable faces, in small roles, populate the film such as the late Paul Gleason(THE BREAKFAST CLUB)as an ornery sheriff, Jeffrey Combs as a chain-smoking gas station employee with tubes feeding him oxygen from a can(..quite scraggly under frizzled hair, dirty cap and grubby beard), Dee Wallace Stone as a terrified wife who accompanies her husband outside finding their horses ripped apart, and Lance Henriksen as a cynical hunter who "just wants to kill something"(..he supplies a very funny "Darwin's awards" monologue).

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

There Is Something out There

Six months after a climbing accident in Suicide Rock in which his cable snapped and his wife died, the crippled Rogers (Matt McCoy) returns to Flatwoods on a wheel chair nursed by Otis Wilhelm (Christien Tinsley) as part of the treatment prescribed by Dr. Rainer. They lodge in Preston's cottage and sooner Preston sees a pair of huge red eyes in the woods. He tells Otis, but he believes Preston is paranoid. Later he sees his blonde next door neighbor Karen Herdberger (Ashley Hartman) vanishing in the woods and he tries to tell her friends, but the girls believe he is a pervert peeping them. Without phone lines, Preston uses his Internet through satellite to communicate with the police, but they do not give credit to his words. In despair, Preston tries to communicate with his neighbors. Meanwhile Ziegler Dane (Lance Henriksen), Billy Hoss (Rex Linn) and their friend (Jeffrey Comb) are hunting the animal that is killing the cattle in Hoss's farm. When Ziegler finds the wounded Karen in a cave, he realizes that his friends and he are in danger.

The B-movie "Abominable" is a funny entertainment that uses the idea of "Rear Window", i.e., a man confined to his home that witnesses that there is something out there but he is not able to move or to communicate with other people, associated to the legend of the Bigfoot a.k.a. Sasquatch. This is the type of a good "bad movie", with many flaws, silly situations, naked woman etc. that is enjoyable in the end. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Abominável" ("Abominable")

Reviewed by tachyon_1 6 / 10

A great way to spend an evening...

I have a category of movie I call a "Good, bad movie". You'll either get that statement or you won't. If you are a real movie buff, you'll appreciate the value of a good, bad movie. This is a really cool twist on the Big Foot mythology. I saw this on the Sci-Fi channel and I expected some of their usual crapola. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly this isn't a masterpiece or anything. But for the obviously small budget, it was very well done. The FX were cheesy, but adequate. The script was average. But the basic plot and the cinematography set a mood that really sucks you in. It's gripping, suspenseful, and doesn't drag or bore you. Matt McCoy (Preston Rogers) was quite good, exceeding his B list status. And Haley Joel (Amanda) didn't settle for being the dumb bimbo that this part was probably written to be. She actually had a touch of depth to the character.

If you want to huddle under a blanket with your significant other and have an entertaining, suspenseful evening, I recommend Abominable.

Also, make sure you don't miss the final scene. No spoiler here, but I have to say that the final shot of the movie was B movie brilliance.


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