Alpha Wolf


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.1 10 269

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Casper Van Dien as Jack Lupo
James Preston Rogers as Sheriff Carradine
Robert Allen Mukes as John Carradine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rollie1976 1 / 10

Bad, cheesy movie!

Movie sucked! Acting sucked too! I regret watching this movie! Lol

Reviewed by jackseney 5 / 10

Watchable For The B-Movie It Is

"Alpha Wolf" has all of the low-budget eccentricities that those of us who are B-movie fans like. There are lovably bargain-basement werewolf costumes and there is amusingly awkward acting and there are nice California countryside settings. What more could a bad movie fan ask for?

Over-aggressive Casper Van Dien and his wife and their dog are going up the country to re-connect with nature and with each other. Before long there is a werewolf attack, Van Dien gets bit and all low-budget lycanthrope hell is breaking loose.

Van Dien's real-life wife Jennifer Wegner carries much of the movie, even as she struggles with a script that contradicts itself on how long she's known Van Dien's character! Van Dien himself turns out to be playing such a jerkoff that even fellow werewolves can't stand him, and only Wegner's dog Larry is loyal and trustworthy.

While bad CGI (is there any good CGI?) is used for fires and such, good old practical effects are used for the werewolves and in the violence scenes and there is some blood-splash here and there, a heart gets ripped out, a guy gets brained with a hammer and so on, with the gore shown briefly and the violence on the moderate level. There is also a jaw-dropping surprise involving were-transformations that I'll let you see for yourself. Even though it has a "You've got to be kidding me" quality to it and should have been done better, I don't believe any other moviemakers have ever used this idea, so "Alpha Wolf" deserves credit for that.

Other than that, characters regularly contradict themselves here and the script seems to have been written by utter amateurs who never even bothered to double-check it. Luckily this becomes part of the fun and one soon begins to sense the ghost of Ed Wood hovering around.

Even the fact that the real-life couple Van Dien and Wegner's love scenes are actually awkward, or that Van Dien appears to have had plastic surgery, does not detract from, but adds to the overall enjoyable air of B-movie angst. You know who you are if this sounds like something for you, so head on over to You Tube or Hulu to catch it!

Reviewed by dmcannon-28482 5 / 10

Not quite a werewolf movie

Watched this movie like others mainly cause of Casper V. D. and its supposed to be a werewolf movie. But its the common angry man goes to the forest and gets bit and turns and is violent now movie. Not to mention the werewolves were not very werewolf looking. They were more like dogs that could stand like humans with big teeth. And then the wife was either nagging about something all the time or being dropped big hints that went right over her head. Along with it now the dog after being bit reverse transforms into a does that work? A full moon thing to? And after all that both the husband and the leader are dead. Whos the Alpha? Then to top it all off knowing its a community full of werewolves that hate dogs shes decide to go bag periodically cause hey why not? Wow this movie was entertaining but barely werewolfy and not scary at all.

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