And While We Were Here


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 43%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 3643

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Jamie Blackley as Caleb
Iddo Goldberg as Leonard
Claire Bloom as Grandma Eves
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fildurh2 4 / 10

Perhaps if I could have understood more of the dialogue I might have enjoyed it

I am not going to comment on this movie beyond asking why on earth did the director choose two actors who mumbled their way through much of their lines. And then direct the third actor who wasn't a mumbler at least to whisper a key line. Can anyone tell me what he said to her when they were hiding behind the car? Can anybody tell me what she said to him in another whispered speech when he sat down at their table the next day, not to mention why she would whisper something to him like that in front of her husband. This is not the only movie where I have experienced this problem which seems to be increasing due to the "hand- held" camera plague which is a parallel phenomenon to this mumbling plague, but this one was so egregious at key moments. Sorry, I didn't get any further . . couldn't bear it . . . Annoying!! I was dying to have Claire Bloom make a physical rather than just verbal appearance and bring some maturity to both the movie and the characters. Nice scenery.

Reviewed by Tinker_be11 9 / 10

An elegant and quietly beautiful romance.

I came across this film one evening after listening to the soundtrack (I won't name it as it gives away spoilers if you know the content of the song), and was intrigued by the few clips and trailers I could find online - it was the most beautiful film. The island of Ischia is a quaint, crumbling backdrop for a very elegant and believable love affair, immediately providing a sense of escape and tranquility for the viewer as they get to know Jane and how she sees the world. The relationships in this film are incredible - sewing hints of doubt and mistrust in carefully considered dialogue and Kate Bosworth's very serious expressions. Jane's husband is delightfully executed as the most boring, standoffish man ever to be in a film, which works perfectly to show how an affair with a younger man would seem like an easy escape for Jane. Jamie Blackley also shines as the younger love interest, his gimmicks, boyish attitude and slight arrogance bouncing off Jane's pensiveness and grief to produce a very sweet romantic encounter. None of the acting feels forced or unrealistic.

It is hard to believe the whole film takes place in less than a week, as the raw emotions that change so often throughout the film could easily take place over a relationship of several months. The intensity is balanced with hazy montages as Jane and Caleb explore the island, and the whole thing reminded me of old Italian films as well as pieces like Roman Holiday. However, if you are after a light-hearted holiday romance, this is not that film. I think, as other reviews have mentioned, you have to be in a certain frame of mind to fully appreciate all aspects of this film, as beautiful though it is, I understand how some people might find it dull or too focused.

I've given it a 9 as although it is one of my favourite films, I know it was originally released at film festivals in black and white, and then colour for public release. I feel it would work even better in black and white - does anyone know if it is possible to get the b/w version?

Reviewed by manfred-ollie 9 / 10

Awesome Film

I think; And While We Were Here is a brilliant piece of cinema. One must get past the male/ female bias agenda. Re;some comments. Has anybody not been in such a boring relationship like Leonard and Jane's? I have seen many relationships like theirs; and they are still together. Their mistakes; losing her wallet, Stubbing his toe, their lovemaking are all very incite full observations of LIFE; when you are so bored with each other. Though; like many married people some stay together for life. I thought Caleb and Jane first kiss in the lane way was very intimate and arousing also; I disagree with some comments. In real life Jane would have stayed with Leonard and kept having interesting lovers on the side. Just; my warped view, here. I have met many Leonard's; most women stay with them. I can never understand this? Leonard's pain is palpable on the train in the last scene. This is great directing and great writing and acting. I would say that Kat Coiro is one great philosopher; writer and director and actor I see; as well! and attractive to boot. My Goodness; Such a talent; woh And the answer to;And While We Were Here? Is; to keep working towards understanding ourselves while we are here.

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