Bad Sister


Crime / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.9 10 832

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Ryan Newman as Zoe Brady
Devon Werkheiser as Jason Brady
Alyshia Ochse as Laura / Sister Sophia
James Handy as Bishop O'Reilly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wes-connors 5 / 10

Here Comes the Nun

Guitar-strumming teenager Devon Werkheiser (as Jason "Jay" Brady) is unhappy with "the units" (he means his parents) deciding to send him back to Los Angeles' St. Adeline's Catholic School for another year. Although he looks clean-cut and sings soft songs, Mr. Werkheiser has been quite the rebel. He even wrecked the family car, leaving his seemingly wealthy family with only one set of wheels. Werkheiser's songs are popular on the Internet, especially with sexy Alyshia Ochse (a "Sister Sophia White"). We see a little bit of her in the opening scene. We'll see a little more when a flashback fleshes out her introduction. In short, Ms. Ochse decides to seduce Werkheiser by substituting herself for a new nun at the school...

Looking snugly sexy in her nun's uniform, Ochse is challenged by a beautiful blonde who wants to get into Werkheiser's shorts. Ochse confiscates the girl's "Toxic Tramp" lipstick. Even better, she arranges for her young student to visit the nun's quarters and see Ochse in her arousing red bikini underwear. "Bad Sister" gets even worse, revealing old sins and committing new ones...

Werkheiser's real sister, also a student at the Catholic school, smells a rat in the nunnery and tries to help her brother get off the road to ruin. Director Doug Campbell and Barbara Kymlicka know their way around the track. They deliver the usual sexy psycho, with the bare minimum of flesh permitted on US TV in the early 21st century. This is nothing special, but it's more fun than nun.

***** Bad Sister (8/24/2015) Doug Campbell ~ Alyshia Ochse, Devon Werkheiser, Ryan Newman, Helen Eigenberg

Reviewed by dws92642 1 / 10

The quick version

I give this movie a 1 for story and a 10 for the beautiful Sister Sophia. A lifetime movie written by a woman with a last name that is pronounced like something you would see on an adult website. A beautiful wicked woman kills a real Nun and becomes a beautiful wicked fake Nun and seduces an airhead boy that she found on Facebook. The boy attends an expensive private Catholic school and sings like a girl. The boy has a twin sister and comes from a well to do family of four that only has one car. After having sex with the beautiful Nun, more than once, the boy has remorse and wants to end the relationship. He tells his sister that he only "slept" with the Nun. His sister figures out the Nun is a fake. By now, the fake Nun has killed a real Nun, a female student that the boy liked, hit the Head Nun over the head, and tries to kill the sister and the boy. The boy kills the fake Nun with a screwdriver to the back. The school gets back to normal and the boy and his twin sister graduate. After the graduation the parents give the boy a new guitar without a case that is in perfect tune and give the girl the family car for college, leaving the rest of them without anything to drive. At the end of this classic thriller,I was left with visions of Sister Sophia in her red bra and panties, alive and looking for me on Facebook. And the Pope was left weeping.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 4 / 10


'Bad Sister' has a wildly uneven tone. It ranges from petty plot pieces that would be right at home in a soap opera, like planting drugs and alcohol on people, right through to murder. The problem is that all of it is done in a completely uninteresting way. I understand these Lifetime movies have a lot of restrictions on them in terms of the level of violence, language and sexuality they can show, but all that means is that they have to be more creative in terms of their writing. Unfortunately this was about as cliché and unoriginal as you will ever get in modern film.

The character of 'Sister Sophia' (otherwise known as 'Bad Sister') was the only thing really carrying this. She was mildly well played by Alyshia Ochse, who definitely pulled off the sexy side of the character, and gave a decent dig at the evil side of things. She wasn't given a lot to work with in the script admittedly, so I'm going to give her a pass mark. Unfortunately, as far as positives go, there is nothing else worthy of mention here. An altogether forgettable experience that is not worth your time or effort.

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