Effie Gray


Action / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 4164

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Dakota Fanning as Effie Gray
Emma Thompson as Lady Eastlake
Julie Walters as Mrs. Ruskin
Claudia Cardinale as Viscountess
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Turfseer 5 / 10

Serviceable tale of repressed Victorian nuptials is done in by low stakes

The controversy over "Effie Gray" may have been more interesting than the film itself. Screenwriter Emma Thompson was accused of plagiarism by writers of two earlier versions of the Gray saga but fortunately for her, the plaintiffs were unsuccessful. Nonetheless, as a result of the litigation, Ms. Thompson engaged in no publicity junkets to publicize her film.

"Effie Gray" is based on the true 19th century story of the young Scottish girl's marriage to the noted British art critic, John Ruskin. Effie was 19 at the time and Ruskin, 29. However, Ruskin, played by Greg Wise, is currently 48, which might give some viewers unfamiliar with the history the wrong impression that Ruskin was robbing the cradle.

Thompson ably depicts what happened between Gray and Ruskin. As a naive, inexperienced girl, Effie's dreams of wedded bliss are shattered when she comes to live with Ruskin and his parents at their London estate. Ruskin's mother is particularly critical of Effie and they both are way over protective of their son. It soon becomes clear that Ruskin has no interest in sex and actually tells his new bride that she repulses him.

Effie finds an ally in Lady Elizabeth Eastlake (played by Thompson), wife of the head of the Royal Academy of Arts, who is distressed by the repressive situation Effie faces at the Ruskin household. A trip to Venice does nothing to help the couples' floundering union, and Effie is further distressed by Ruskin's lack of attention, especially when a randy Italian, Rafael, attempts to seduce her.

The rest of this saga focuses on Effie's burgeoning melancholia and a trip up to Scotland, where Ruskin commissions a young painter, Everett Millais, to paint his portrait. Sure enough Effie falls for Millais but nothing gets consummated until Effie returns to London and is encouraged by Lady Elizabeth to sue for the annulment of the marriage on the grounds of her husband's impotence.

That's basically it folks! The story is unusual in that the villain of the piece is hardly guilty of what one might call a "serious infraction." But that's mainly the problem: the stakes are so low that one can hardly get excited about the goings-on here. The actors, screenwriter and cinematographer have acquitted themselves well here as this is a fine film to look at. Nonetheless, it's also a listless affair which I'm not sure was really worth telling.

Reviewed by jknight-38868 10 / 10


One of the few true storytelling masterpieces, The emotional EQ of this film is beyond what the average viewer will ever be able to comprehend, but the coagulant of fanning portrayal of emotion combined with the pose of the cinematography reaches a subliminal communication of emotion which few films have ever been able to obtain. This literal is one of the greatest films that presents to you an opportunity to truly feel the emotions of person far from your own experience, to be outside of the very life you live in. Even if it is just for a moment, the emotional experience twinkles like a magical shooting star in the far northern skies.

Reviewed by donflemna 5 / 10

About the music

A number of us tried to watch this movie together. None of us heard a word of the prologue because the music completely overwhelmed the spoken words. It was not quite as bad in the movie proper, but loud enough to interfere with our enjoyment of what would otherwise have been a very enjoyable movie with a fine script,great acting, etc. If the music had been toned down we would have given it an 8.

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