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Casper Van Dien as Decker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fad-38798 3 / 10

Not a bad effort, but still an effort.

The story meanders, too much 'tell' and not enough 'show', especially from the annoying avatar.

The ending does not justify the amount of effort the viewer has to put in, every twist and pinnacle is contrived, the characters two-dimensional and dialogue weak.

I can only assume the 'headline' star needed some quick cash? And he needs to work on his accent(s).

The whole thing comes across as a poor pilot for a TV show, and not a good TV show either.

Reviewed by apollosdei 4 / 10

Cheap doesn't mean foolish, but in this case....

In this case you have low budget and unintelligent plot, plus many things that don't make sense given the sci-fi premises. If you want to wade the waters of space sci-fi you can at least have an intelligent plot (not one that seems written by a 14 y.o. who also has no idea how physics work). New sci-fin fans are way more informed and demanding than in the past, that's why this is unforgivable. Some parts are so bad you pity the actors (by the way, this movie has one of the worst forced CPR's scenes you will find in the world of cinema, so trite and overused). The only thing they avoided (just by a hair) is making the male and female protagonist fall in love but only because there was no enough time or because she is one of those new woke female characters who is physically as strong or stronger than men and that would be offensive to some people).

Reviewed by talis-briedis-79-541083 6 / 10

it is alright

Low budget, but they did fairly good fx. Some action parts seemed cheesy. Overall, the story was pretty good. Production was not bad. Unlike many other low budget flicks, I did not feel my time was wasted watching this.

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