Going Back


Action / Drama / War

IMDb Rating 5.2 10 627

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Casper Van Dien as Capt. Ramsey
Kenny Johnson as Jimmy Joe
Martin Kove as Father Brazinski
Carré Otis as Kathleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mctexan2000 9 / 10

Far fetched, but catches the spirit of marines working together

This story of US Marines going back to Vietnam is far fetched and the flashbacks may be a pastiche of events involving a number of different units. However, they catch the spirit of interaction of Marines, their noncoms and officers. Ramsey is a very believable captain, but in reality, he would have been at least a company commander and would not have been so directly involved in unit leadership. Otherwise, his and his marines' interactions were consistent with my experience.

So take the plot with a grain of salt, but watch closely the way the marines and their Navy Hospital Corpsman and Chaplain go about their business. It will give you a good understanding of how marines think and act in a combat environment.

Reviewed by acearms 10 / 10

WOW what a great movie and with total realism.

I was skeptical of this one at first, but after I got into it I was totally caught up. The acting was superb, the musical score equal to any "A" grade movie, the plot was there, realistic battle scenes and all extremely well done. The emotions displayed were those which one would expect of Marines or any combatants returning to a battle field of years gone by. We've seen it on the news when old soldiers return to battle fields in Europe, i.e. "D" Day and the cemeteries there. Old enemies become friends; there is a strong American presence in Vietnam today. The scenes of present day Siagon (Ho Che Min City) are true to life. The movie used flashbacks extremely well to tell the story and connect the present with the past. One spoiler for me was the love scene, predictable, but added nothing to the movie; it should of been left out. This definitely is not another run of the mill war movie about Vietnam, but one far above and worth the time it takes to watch it. WOW, what a great movie. I'll watch it again.

Reviewed by myselfoncemore 8 / 10

View to Appreciate

This is not an "action" movie... this is a movie about what soldiers went through and how it affected their lives after they got back "to the world". Of course, no movie is "perfect and right on", but if you want insight into what some soldiers have gone through, don't miss this movie. I didn't agree with what some of the soldiers thought, but it's an excellent movie. I think they did their job and in defending our country, lived through extreme circumstances that most of us never think about.

From a civilian's point of view, this is a very believable movie. It's about soldiers who do their job and the mental toll that it takes.. it's about the Marine's code and how they live.. I think the end is not only worth the wait, but totally believable. No one can know what combat is like, or how a soldier will handle it, until they've been there.

It really makes you think about what our guys in Iraq, and those anywhere in combat, are going through, and have gone through. May no soldier go unloved... may no soldier be forgotten....

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