How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


Animation / Comedy / Crime / Family / Fantasy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 98%
IMDb Rating 8.3 10 43353

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Boris Karloff as Narrator / The Grinch
June Foray as Cindy Lou Who
Thurl Ravenscroft as Singer 'You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch'
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 10 / 10

It just ain't Christmas without this show!

I know that I will catch a lot of heat for saying this, but this is the ONLY version of Dr. Seuss' tale that you should bother to watch. That's because it closely follows the book (with, of course, songs added for this Christmas special) and the moral of the original tale is preserved (that the Whos don't really NEED presents and they are truly filled with the Christmas spirit). Years ago, an abomination arrived in movie theaters and parents dutifully took their kids to see it--and it was a total bastardization of the story. This time, the moral is completely changed and the Whos are selfish jerks who are 100% commercially-oriented and annoying!! And, to make things worse, since it's only a short story, it's horribly padded by allowing Jim Carrey to shamelessly overact. My advice is stick to the original!

Why is this original telling so great? Well, much of it is because the quality of the animation is very good and Chuck Jones had a wonderfully devilish quality about the Grinch that makes the character come to life. And, with the terrific voice talent of Boris Karloff (who is PERFECT for the role), you can't help but love this rogue! For the special, Seuss wrote some great songs--particularly the Grinch song that was so perfectly sung by Thurl Ravenscroft. You can't help but adore this film from start to finish--it's about as well-made as any Christmas production and is a definite must-see in my home.

Reviewed by shark-43 10 / 10

The True, Original Classic!

There is only one TRUE version of the GRINCH and this is it. Practically perfect, this little cartoon has all the heart andbite and sweetness of the classic book. Between Karloff's wonderful reading and Chuck Jones' spirited animation and direction, this is a Christmas masterpiece. I cant begin to hide my contempt for the mega-budgeted, bloated, all flash disaster that Ron Howard made recently. Hey, fine, go crazy, what worries me is that small kids will ONLY see the Jim Carrey's latex puppet mess andnot the original. PLEASE seek this out for your kids. It is beautiful.

Reviewed by meriganoslimonost 10 / 10

Best Anime Movie Sequel Of All Time

*NOTE* In the review for the first movie, I forgot to talk about the mid and post credits scenes. In the mid credits scene, Jackhammer is shown working out, and the camera slowly pans down to and zooms into the philosopher's stone on his desk, and you can briefly see Sauron in his "Eye-Tower" form. In the post credits scene, Santa is shown kneeling in front on something. The camera slowly pans up to show it is a statue of Sauron, making us question Santa's true allegiance In this sequel to Rudolph "Jackhammer" Jones, the titular character Jackhammer is forced into another similar situation as the one in the first movie, but with all new characters dropped into the mix with our original cast, who, for the most part, take a backseat to the new characters, and I think this was very clever, considering how much development we got for them in the first movie, so we definitely didn't need any more, but we needed to get development on the new people. The film creators did this excellently, working out the flaws and the quirks of each character to near perfection. The characters all feel like people instead of just cardboard cutouts. Anyway, now I'll get to the plot. As said at the beginning, this review will be very spoiler-heavy. This movie starts 3 months after the last one, which put me off at first, but I realized it worked well for the story. We get to see how the Mushroom Kingdom has rebuilt itself after being nearly destroyed by Sauron. The story begins when Jackhammer is just finishing a workout, very reminiscent of the last film's opening, and we see him walk to his desk and pick up the Philosopher's Stone. He stares into it, when he sees it: SAURON! After 3 months of working out and training, Jackhammer knows how to handle Sauron, especially in his weaker Eye-Tower form and trapped in the Stone. Jackhammer simply stares at him for a bit until Sauron notices him. Sauron looks up at him and laughs, not a maniacal laugh, but as if something was funny. After talking with Sauron for a bit, Jackhammer gets "triggered" and throws the Stone, but it won't leave his hand. Sauron says he knows why, but Jackhammer is having none of it. He reveals that he's been training with all of the members of the group who helped him take down Sauron in the first place, except Santa. Jackhammer uses the Force, combined with a bit of magic and a spin attack, and manages to get the Stone off of him, but not for long. The stone hovers in the air and flies back into his hand. Jackhammer decides to deal with it and starts to train again. He notices the local news announce "a sudden climb in crime" and how the crime rates of New Donk City, Jackhammer's home town, have risen 100,000,000%. Jackhammer realizes he has to do something about this, so he starts to take to the streets and fight crime. Here he meets Donald Duck, another hero trying to slow crime rates just like him. He teams up with Donald, and they find Samus Aran, a bounty hunter hired to take out the "Big Guys." The three of them go to recruit the old team, and it really takes off from there. Our 3 main characters manage to break in while the other 4 create a distraction. The fight between the original group and the onslaught of 10,000 soldiers is incredibly well animated and choreographed, with the high point being when Harry shot a spell that rebounded off of Link's mirror shield and destroyed a skeleton monster. As we cut to Jackhammer, Donald, and Samus, we see who our "Big Guy" is. None other than the Grinch himself. He uses his Santa impersonation power to gain all of Santa's powers as the avatar. Samus stars blasting as much energy at is as possible, and Donald uses his Dark Matter Energy Beam to try and disintegrate the Grinch, while Jackhammer uses the power of the Stone to steal the Grinch's power and destroy him, adding him to the Philosopher's Stone. This movie was incredible, even better than the first one, though it was a little bit shorter. I hope you all get as much enjoyment out of this film as I did.

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