Killer Kate!


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
IMDb Rating 3.7 10 416

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Tiffany Shepis as Christine
Larry Cedar as Hank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by akroes11 1 / 10

What a waste of my time

If i can rate this movie in negative number, i would give it - 20. It's just so bad, the reactions of every character is just so awkward? I understand that it tries to create a comedic slasher movie but the actor and actresses acted so badly???? There are differences between awkward and comedic and this movie only contains awkward actresses and bad dialogue. Not recommending this to anyone at all. What a waste of my time.

Reviewed by just_in_case 5 / 10

Good acting good idea's but poor execution.

This one is similar to "You're Next", but the home movie cam version. A Home invasion style comedy in which you actually get to root for the hero or heroine but unfortunately it's got a lot of weaknesses. For an action oriented film not a lot happens in it's short hour and twenty minutes. I liked the witty dialog but it feels cheap and the characters are all grossly unlikable. It's just on the cusp of homemade to the point that in one scene a character gets impaled from an angle that doesn't work and in the next scene they're laying there pretending to be dead and you can tell they're holding the impaling rod in their jacket.

There's a chance I'm missing some next level campyness but too much of the film is played seriously for me to believe that. Hopefully the director gets it right on the next one. I liked what they were trying to do but I can't recommend this one to anyone beyond those that like to laugh at bad films.

Reviewed by genious-35413 1 / 10

Painfully Bad, unambitious and unoriginal

I wish I had read the description before watching (part of) this. All you need to know is that the description uses the phrase 'in a remote cabin'. So yeah, all of the cliches are done in this movie, there isn't one, single moment of tension or surprise.

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