Last Seen in Idaho


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5 10 742

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Kevin Wayne as Howie
Ted Rooney as McNeely
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jackfulton12 6 / 10

Not half bad

This wasn't bad but it didn't blow me away. It was a good enough thriller for me to keep it turned on so I could see the ending of it. You definitely need to pay attention when you watch this movie. Don't go messing with your phone or you'll miss key clues and moments that come back around later. I liked the lead female a lot. Her sister, not so much. The bad guys were pretty good looking for being "rough bad guys" but I'm sure the women love that.

Reviewed by anniefairfield 6 / 10

Women will like this more than men

Unique thriller with a good concept involving lost memories and an unsolved crime. I think this is a movie that women will like more than men in that it follows a female character, including her conflicted relationship with her sister, and there is also some romance thrown in as well with a good-looking male character. The main character was likeable and relatable.

Reviewed by fireeater-32147 8 / 10

Badass Movie

I was genuinely surprised at how awesome this movie was. I originally only gave this a chance because of Shaun and Wes were in it. But it it was a very good movie.

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