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Olga Fonda as Russian Girl
Ambyr Childers as American Astronaut Woman
Jasmine Waltz as Robot Wife
James C. Burns as Late Night Host
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tehmeh 9 / 10

What did I just see?

Comparisons to "Moon" and "2001: Space odyssey" are well placed. I do not want to set anyone's expectations so high though. This movie will (and has) divided its few viewers very aggressively, but there are many strong elements that bow to those films. I also thought of "Fountain" at some point during watching this.

This is a hard review to write. This feels like an experience instead of a clear image everyone sees the same way. For me, the experience was thrilling, emotional and also confusing. But here I am, thinking about life and...everything. Life in general, human nature, myself, loved ones, universe, God, dreams, hope...that certain longing we all probably have deep inside us. That something that keeps us wondering and always has since the dawn of man.

I think I had the perfect mindset when I started watching this movie. I was in a somewhat melancholic, pondering and slow state of mind. I'm also somewhat of a loner, so it was easy for me to appreciate the theme of isolation. "Love" deals heavily with human need to contact one another.

I do not know what exactly happened in the movie, but it certainly got me thinking. Yes, it is confusing, however I do not believe this was because of lazy writing. I'm fairly sure it's intentional and smart enough to get my imagination running and slowly pick up the pieces. I hope I get there. Right now I'm reading Carl Sagan's quotes from "Pale blue dot", as other reviewers have advised.

Cinematography is beautiful. I watched the blu-ray, and some scenes were clearly optimized for HD experience, others were not. Fear not, because this is one beautifully and skillfully shot movie. Soundtrack is perfect. Not only it fits, but enhances the experience without forcing anything on you. Technically "Love" is one well crafted film.

Gunner Wright does a fantastic job as the lonely astronaut. William Eubank went straight to my imaginary "if that man makes another movie, I want to see it" - list.

This is a rather artsy film, and in this case the movie benefits from it. I don't want to sound like a hipster, not at all. I just hope that anyone who is about to see this film knows what to expect, to prepare themselves. I recommend this to everyone. Half will like it and the other half will hate it, and many from both halves will be confused. Still, I truly recommend this one.

I believe this is an important movie. Well made, low budget film that needs to exist. There may come a time when we stop creating something like this. I'm glad we still get a few every now and then. I hope as many people as possible see this movie. The more I think of what I just saw, I don't think it's coincidence that the movie is titled "Love".

Reviewed by jgleon-16851 9 / 10

An audio-visual delight

I enjoyed this movie very much. I would liken it to movies like "Moon" and "2001: A Space Odyssey". As another reviewer wrote: 'it is beautifully shot and beautifully paced', and it has a great soundtrack as well.

Reviewed by SteveLakerLondon 8 / 10

Intelligent, artistic sci-fi

There are two ways to see this film: To get it or not.

If you understand quantum entanglement. If you get that gods and aliens are interchangeable. And if you can see that we are all made from the universe, then this film will hit you like a wonderful bolt of vindication in your thinking. Because William Eubank gets that.

Some say it's slow: It's only 84 minutes. There's a build-up, then a crescendo of one quite unbelievable thing after another. Many will give up and dismiss it as something they don't get.

But if you understand that everything's connected, that knowledge comes with death's release, and that someone else might think that too, watch this (and read my book, Cyrus Song). It's not just physics which makes all our worlds go round.

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